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Business Ideas: Upto 25 Lakhs (Plant and Machinery): Selected Project Profiles for Entrepreneurs, Startups

The most difficulty that people face is choosing a right business idea which can offer high growth opportunity.

You won't spend much time and effort starting up a business to find out later that the concept has an enormous chance of failing that will endlessly hamper your company's progress.

Choosing the right business idea is highly important. You need to pay off your time and labor if you spend years in your business. All that follows is constructed based on a good idea for a company.

It is tough to come up with business concepts that will never work. There is no assurance. It's only confidence.

We at NPCS assist in finding a business idea on which you can trust that you will move ahead. However, you will not know anything until you start working on it, so the NPCS team comes into the picture to help you choose a better business opportunity.

Three steps to choose a business idea:

1. Pursue your dreams

The best choice is to develop or sell something you know and love. Then get in, make your money, and get out. To establish a long-term business that fits your temperament, strengths, and preferred lifestyle, you must like it.

Following your passion has many benefits. For one thing, you'll be more likely to sell something if you truly believe in it. And you'll be more inclined to persevere when the going gets rough.


2. Be Sincere

While creating a business based on your interests and experience is important, it is equally important to create a viable business prospect.

Examine the appropriate market without bloodshed. Is the business you want to start in high demand? Is America or the globe clamoring for this? Assure that your product or service not only meets this opportunity but does it effectively.

3. The Internet should be respected

Determine how to utilize this game-changing resource best. It can let you create a business for less money and faster than ever before. 

Aside from knowing or being able to master search engine optimization, establishing an internet business requires little infrastructure and no bricks and mortar.

Remember that the Internet works both ways. While opportunities seem exciting, appealing, and perhaps limitless, rivals are seeing the same vision. That means that no matter what business you select, you will encounter basic marketing difficulties.

How we can help in choosing the Right Business Idea

We have listed upto 25 lakh business ideas to assist you in choosing the most appropriate business idea for your business.

Our In-depth project reports cover all aspects of the business, from market research to confirm the availability of necessary items like machinery, raw materials, and financial predictions. To plan business diversification, the report comprises of calculating raw material costs, constructing the cash flow statement, and projecting the balance sheet, among other things.

Our report also assists in identifying and selecting machinery, required manufacturing process and other equipment, general guidance, technical and commercial counseling for starting new industrial projects.

You can select from a variety of personalization options.

We adjust the project's capacity and pricing to meet your needs, and we can also design a project report on any subject you require.



We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. Please select the projects of your interests.

Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analysing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material, formulating the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet etc.

We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics.

Many of the engineers, project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis.

We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.

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Surgical Cotton - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue, Plant Layout

Surgical cotton is also known as absorbent cotton or cotton wool. It is mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries at home (for first aid) etc. because of its high fluid absorbency. It is better known among masses as absorbent cotton. Absorbent cotton or surgical cotton is used at each level from medical to corporate and also individual level. This item is regulated under drug control act. Hence, it should be manufactured to meet its requirements for quality control standards. Apart from used as a dressing material, it is also used for padding for items of clothing, quilts etc. The absorbent cotton should be chemically inert and soft to give maximum protection and should not cause irritation. These properties can be achieved by manufacturing the product as per standard method of manufacture. The raw cotton is processed by series of steps which render the cotton hydro-phallic in character and free from external impurities needed to be fit for use in surgical dressings and personal hygiene. The demand for surgical cotton is directly related with the hospital, dispensaries, nursing homes, health care center etc. Progressive increase in health amenities offered by government and coming up of new hospital and health care center in private sector, even small towns are contributing to the growth of absorbent cotton industry. Government hospitals and nursing homes are the largest consumers of surgical cotton. With the development of medical facilities and growing awareness towards personal hygiene, the surgical cotton industry registered steady growth rate in the past, and is packing up pace with spread of education and upward economic growth of town and villages. In coming years the demand of surgical cotton will increase so there is wide scope for new entrepreneurs to venture into this project.
Plant capacity: 225 MT/AnnumPlant & machinery: 22 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: Cost of Project : 80 Lakhs
Return: 41.00%Break even: 62.00%
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GINGER OIL - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue, Plant Economics

Ginger is one of the oldest and most important spices used in different kinds of food preparation. Ginger possesses a warm pungent taste and a pleasant odor, hence it has a wide use as a flavoring in numerous food preparation, beverages, ginger bread, soups, pickles and many soft drinks. There are two general types of ginger viz. fresh green ginger used for the preparation of candied ginger (in sugar syrup) and dried or cured ginger applied in the spice trade, for extracts, oleoresins and for the distillation of its volatile oil. The main application of the ginger oil is in confectionery, beverages, and baked products. The demand of ginger oil is ever increasing whether as beverages in its own right or as a complement to alcoholic drinks such as whisky or rum is estimated to have good increase. It has good export and domestic demand. There is good scope for new entrepreneurs.
Plant capacity: 20 Kgs./DayPlant & machinery: 9 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 162 Lakhs
Return: 51.00%Break even: 32.00%
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EXERCISE NOTE BOOK, REGISTERS, PADS & FILES - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities

Exercise note book, registers, pads and files are widely known and vastly used as day to day products. Exercise note books are of different shapes and sizes, accordingly. Used for different purposes. With the growth of education among the masses particularly in rural areas, industrialization and commercialization with in the country, the demand of stationery, notebook, has been increasing very fast. Other factors like population growth, compulsory primary education Govt. incentives, age statistics have only increased the demand. Now these items are essential almost for every one. With the growing population, demand of writing and printing papers in the form of registers, notebook, paper pads etc. has very bright future scope. Any new entrepreneur can venture in to this field. Few Indian Major Players are as under: Blue Bird (India) Ltd. Lodha Offset Ltd. Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd. Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.
Plant capacity: 2500.00 Nos./day Plant & machinery: 5 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 60 Lakhs
Return: 44.00%Break even: 46.00%
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TENNIS BALL (USED IN PLAYING CRICKET) - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities

The game of Tennis is one of the most popular sports throughout the world. Tennis is also being popular in our country. India has produced some of the very famous player like Ram Nath Krishan, Vijay Amritraj etc. in contemporary tennis, which shows the extent of popularity in our country. Tennis ball cricket is a variant of cricket popular in the Indian subscontinent and every South Asians living in the US and Canada. In this game a more difficult version of tennis ball is used. The ball is not as hard as cricket ball. The tennis ball cricket games are shorter versions to first-class cricket matches; they are especially suited to recreational weekend play. The tennis ball used in playing cricket is of high quality. It is used both for any indoor and outdoor play. The felt covered ball has a solid core. It is much to same in size to the tennis ball. This ball does not loose shape, keeps its firmness. It does not puncture, or deflate due to loss in pressure. This ball comes in many colours. They are red, yellow, green, white and orange. The weight range from 60 gms to 120 gms. Tennis ball is used to play the Tennis. Sometimes Tennis ball is used for playing cricket. Children play it more otherwise also i.e. in their homes they play catch to catch which help them in practicing of some other games. It also help them learning art of catching the ball. The process of manufacture for Tennis Balls is quite simple and does not need even much investment including fixed and working capital. No foreign exchange is involved in the plant for manufacturing of tennis balls. India exports to some 50 countries including developed countries like U.S.A, U.K. to small countries like Fiji, Nepal etc. The share of U.K., U.S.A. and Australia together is found around 40% in total export of sports goods from India. There is good domestic as well as export demand of Tennis ball.
Plant capacity: 1200 Nos./Day Plant & machinery: 10 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 86 Lakhs
Return: 43.00%Break even: 44.00%
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WHOLE SPICES PROCESSING (Cleaning / Grinding & Packaging)- Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study

Spices constitute an important group of agricultural commodities which are virtually indispensable in the culinary art. Spices are natural products widely accepted by consumers. Spices are most important constituents of Indian food and cuisines, and are used not only for house hold purpose, but also in hotels, restaurants, eateries and food processing industries. Separate the spices from any larger contaminants, such as stones, dust, leaves or sticks. Then wash it with clean water until the water ceases to have any trace of dust or dirt in it. Only portable water can be used for all cleaning purpose. Grind those spices that you are going to use soon and store them well. It also adds value to the end product. If you don’t store them properly, the spice’s flavour may escape and the result is less savory. Pack the whole spices as per the requirements in PP gunny bags. If humidity is high and the spice is whole, you can store the spice in sacks. Spices are used in the variety of food preparation for making palatable taste and good appearance. It may be used some times for the preparation different drug base & natural colour. Oil from spices some times used for the manufacturing of different insecticides. India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of range of raw and processed spices. India leads in cumin, chilly and turmeric production in the world. India is likely to emerge as a leading global spice processing hub in about 10 years spice board. India’s spice exports, expected to amount to $ 875 million in the current fiscal, will breach the $ 1 billion mark next year. The government is also keen on increasing value-addition in spices. The scope for this product is very bright. Thus, a new entrepreneur can confidently venture into this project will find it a very lucrative. Few Indian Major Players are as under: A D F Foods Ltd. A V T Mccormick Ingrediants Pvt. Ltd. A V T Natural Products Ltd. A V Thomas International Ltd. Allanasons Ltd. Bhagat International Pvt. Ltd. Chordia Food Products Ltd. Devon Foods Ltd. Dharampal Satyapal Ltd. Eastern Overseas Ltd. Empire Spices & Foods Ltd. Global Green Co. Ltd. Harmony Spices Ltd. Indana Spices & Food Inds. Ltd. Indian Products Ltd. Indospin Filati Ltd. Kedar Spices Ltd. Kerala Cardamom Processing & Mktg. Co. Ltd. Kerala State Civil Supplies Corpn. Ltd. M T R Foods Ltd. Madhur Industries Ltd. Mas Enterprises Ltd. Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd. Pals Industries Ltd. Rathi Oils Ltd. Shalimar Chemical Works Ltd. V A M Commercial Co. Ltd. Vishal Lakto (India) Ltd.
Plant capacity: 105000 Kgs./Annum Black Pepper, Cumin, Coriander, Chilly, Ginger, Turmeric & Fenugreek Each 50 Kgs/Day.Plant & machinery: 15 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 37 Lakhs
Return: 42.00%Break even: 54.00%
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WELDING ELECTRODES - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue

The heavily coated electrode, employed for most structural steel welding is a core wire or low carbon rimmed steel, which is covered by extrusion with a sheath of material of consistency. The sheath dries to a hard semi flexible tube, which becomes firmly attached to the core wire. The compounding of coating was at one time a closely guarded secret of the manufacturer concerned but the technical advance in our knowledge have led to an understanding by the welding engineer of the function of each addition made to the coating. Welding electrodes are extensively used in all type of mechanical process as joints two pieces in one, to give cylindrical shape to a flat sheet filling a small hole on the surface of the sheet. The welding electrodes are manufactured in standard range of diameters corresponding standard lengths. 3.15 mm O & 4 mm O electrode are manufactured in 350 mm & 450 mm lengths respectively. These are the coat-finished diameters. Generally Used Flux Materials Are: Rutile (weld grade) L.C. Ferro Manganese H.C. Ferromanganese Magnesite Calcite Talcum China clay Potash Mica Quartz Cellulose Titanium dioxide Potassium silicate The plant is highly suitable for SSI sector. The electrode consumption is directly proportional to the over all steel consumption looking at the steel production targets in future, it can be well felt that welding electrode industry has a very good scope in India. Welding industry is substantially dependent on the automobile, steel and engineering sectors. The market for welding segment is divided into welding equipment and consumables in the ratio of 1:3. The welding equipment market is divided between manual metal arc welding and automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment. The relationship between the manual and others is 3:1. Slightly more than half of the market is in the organized sector; the informal sector and imports account for the balance. The welding machinery and electrodes market is basically served by two leading players, Advani-Oerlikon and Esab with sizable contributions from Ewac Alloys and Modi Industries. Indal and Ahura are other major players. New entrants in the industry are the MNCs: D&H Welding, Levicon Electric (USA), and Hyundai Corp of South Korea. Few Indian Major Players are as under: Ador Welding Ltd. Bobshell Electrodes Ltd. D & H Welding Electrodes (India) Ltd. Diffusion Engineers Ltd. Dwekam Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. Esab India Ltd. Jhaveri Weldflux Ltd. Kanyaka Fine Weld Ltd. Mailam India Ltd. Rasi Electrodes Ltd. Rockland Thermionics Ltd. Superstar Welding Inds. Ltd. T & R Welding Products (India) Ltd. Weld Excel India Ltd.
Plant capacity: 1200 MT/Annum (Welding Rods)Plant & machinery: 21 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 165 Lakhs (W/C 2 Month)
Return: 49.00%Break even: 40.00%
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MACARONI, VERMICILLI & NOODLES MANUFACTURING - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities

Macaroni are made from wheat flour, carbonic salt water, pure salt, soft water and other additives. Carbonic salt water with sodium or potassium carbonate as the main constituent is an important additive giving the stickiness, elasticity, smoothness and good taste. India has the larger number of festivals in the world. These festivals are chiefly religious, secular and social. The festivals are therefore an intimate part of our religious as well as secular life. They are at the same time related to some ancient religious length, to the cycle of reasons, and to the community's need of change, release and economic well-seeing. Vermicelli, commonly known as "SAVAT" in India, is such an ancient symbol of festival. The vermicelli is in use since the early period of Indian civilization. Vermicelli now-a-days is eaten by all community of people. Vermicelli is consumed not only in India but in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, U.S.A, U.K, all African and Middle East Countries apart from other Asian countries. Instant noodles is a ready to cook and serve snack food which has become very popular in India in the recent years after its introduction on mass scale of M/s. Food Specialties Ltd, New Delhi under the brand name "Maggi". Instant noodles are manufactured in two kinds, namely, seasoned noodles and plain noodles with soup bag. The former must contain a seasoning liquid and highly humid glutinous wheat is used to prevent weakness in stickiness. The latter requires a white colour as its first prerequisite rather than stickiness. Thus wheat powder containing ash content of 0.3 - 0.45% is used as the raw materials. Ready to cook foods like macaroni, instant noodles, vermicelli etc are very popular in India. The changing life style of people in the present scenario has made ready to cook foods more popular among masses. But there is less number of single units for macaroni in India so far. Now day’s macaroni manufacturing machines have become fully automatic, compact with high speed and effectiveness. All machineries are indigenously available and if they needed can also be imported from Japan, Germany, and Italy. The demand for macaroni, instant noodles and vermicelli food product is increasing day by day in India and it has a high demand in both domestic and foreign markets. Both the present demand as well as its future is very bright. The products have got a good export potential and the demand of macaroni is increasing day by day and with a colossal increase in its demand, more units are required to be set up to fill demand supply gap. Thus new entrepreneurs can venture into this field and he will find it a lucrative trade. From the observation of increase of market growth it can be predicted that there will be a good prospect of the new entrepreneurs. Few Indian Major Players are as under: Indo Nissin Foods Ltd. M T R Foods Pvt. Ltd. Nestle India Ltd. Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd. Surya Agroils Ltd.
Plant capacity: 300 MT/Annum, 100 MT Macaroni Per Annum, 100 MT Vermicelli Per Annum, 100 MT Atta Noodles Per AnnumPlant & machinery: 17 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 38 Lakhs
Return: 46.00%Break even: 54.00%
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INDIA is one of the world's largest food producers, yet branded foods account for an inconsequential proportion. Among the various food industry segments, the largest is wheat. Estimates of the industry's size vary, but it is generally put at around Rs. 80,000 crores. This estimate may be far off the mark, but there is no disputing the Indian market's vastness for mass consumption items such as wheat products. Considering the industry's size and low brand penetration, international giants have set their sights on the nascent Indian market for branded wheat products biscuits, breads, packaged atta and innovations such as chapattis. The domestic branded atta market is currently growing by around 25 per cent annually. The packaged and branded segment is largely dominated by multinationals, although there are also a few big domestic brands such as Shaktibhog and Rose. Atta is one of the staple and basic food not for only Indians but for all lives in the world. The protein content of wheat differs according to variety of wheat. Some Canadian wheat contains high protein while English wheat contains low quantity. The demand growth of atta is increasing day by day in 5 to 10 Kgs. Packs. Having view in demand growth of atta, there is very good scope for setting up an atta chakki plant. Few Indian Major Players are as under: Ambe Agro Inds. Ltd. Ambuja Flour Mills Ltd. Anirudh Foods Ltd. Ankit India Ltd. Aruppukottai Shri Ramalinga Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Bambino Agro Inds. Ltd. Bannari Amman Flour Mill Ltd. Calcutta Flour Mills Ltd. Cargill India Pvt. Ltd. Century Flour Mills Ltd. D F M Foods Ltd. Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd. Flour & Food Ltd. Gallantt Udyog Ltd. General Mills India Pvt. Ltd. Govind Mills Ltd. Gupta Nutritions Pvt. Ltd. Himanshu Flour Mills Ltd. Hyderabad Roller Flour Mills Co. Ltd. Jai Mata Foods Ltd. Kaushalya Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd. Koodal Industries Ltd. Modern Flour Mills Ltd. Naga Ltd. Naga Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Nath Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd. Okara Flour & General Mills Ltd. Parakh Agro Inds. Ltd. Patiala Flour Mills Co. Ltd. Pawan Udyog Ltd. Poona Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Prahlad Flour Mills Ltd. R K Patel Food Pvt. Ltd. Rohini Foods Pvt. Ltd. S K Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Sakthi Murugan Agro Foods Ltd. Sakthi Murugan Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Shakti Bhog Foods Ltd. Shree Bankey Behari Exports Ltd. Sita Shree Food Products Ltd. Sree Behariji Mills Ltd. Sunil Agro Foods Ltd. Super Bakers (India) Ltd. Trambakam Flour Mills Ltd. U F M Industries Ltd. Vasai Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd. Vrundavan Agro Inds. Ltd. Wallace Flour Mills Co. Ltd. Wellgo Agro Inds. Ltd. Zest Gartex Ltd.
Plant capacity: 4500 MT/Annum Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)Plant & machinery: 16 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 245 Lakhs
Return: 48.00%Break even: 35.00%
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ADHESIVE (FEVICOL TYPE) - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue

Fevicol type adhesive come under the category of Synthetic resins and latex adhesives are made from Polyvinyl acetate is thermoplastic, odourless, tasteless, non toxic, essentially clear and colorless resin. It has a non Crystalline and relatively branched rather than linear structure. Most grades of resin have somewhat broad molecular weight distribution. They do not melt but soften over a temperature range. The resin is unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and air, further more it will absorb a small amount of water. Polyvinyl acetate is neutral and non-corrosive. The Various grades have good heat stability below 100ºC, show slight discoloration at approximately 150º and decompose at 50ºC show slight discoloration at approximately 150ºC but brittle at 10ºC to 15ºC. The adhesive industry is currently the most important outlet for polyvinyl acetate. Polyvinyl acetate came into widespread use in 1940’s as a synthetic resin substitute for hide glue. Adhesives are made in various types and may be synthetic or natural. The term synthetic adhesive means the adhesive which is prepared by using synthetic chemical such as synthetic resin. The manufacture of adhesive from synthetic resin is simple and can be started with very little investment. The most advantage to any type of adhesive as per market demand. Polyvinyl acetate is now used in adhesives for various applications such as Book binding, Paper bag, Milk Can, Drinking straws, Envelopes, Gummed Tapes, and Foils etc. The vinyl acetate adhesive is also used for lamination, combination of two or more plies of material into a now composite. The introduction of adhesives based on vinyl acetate has introduction of adhesives based on vinyl acetate is used for the manufacture of ploy vinyl acetate (PVA), Polyvinyl alcohol is being imported from countries like Germany, FRP, France, U.K, Netherlands, Japan, Hungary, Italy, U.S.A and Belgium. Synthetic adhesives Produced in India are mostly base on vinyl Acetate Monomers (V.A.M). VAM is used in from of its various derivatives like Polyvinyl Alcohol and Polyvinyl Acetate, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate etc. There is a very good scope in this sector and new entrepreneurs should venture into this field.
Plant capacity: 300 MT/AnnumPlant & machinery: 11 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 123 Lakhs
Return: 49.00%Break even: 38.00%
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DAIRY FARMING FOR MILK - Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue, Plant Economics

In India dairying has been practiced as a rural cottage industry since the remote past, semi commercial dairying started with the establishment of military dairy farms and co operative milk unions throughout the country towards the end of the 19th century. The importance of milk in human diet especially for children and expectant and nursing matters is vital. To meet the demand of the increasing population milk production in India has to be increased. The development and maintenance of a superior dairy herd can be a sourced a considerable price and satisfaction. Success in dairy farming, like any professional achievement, does not come, easily. It requires the very best of anyone’s ability to properly manage, feed, and breed a good herd of cows. The milk is used as a food. It is used to prepare curd, butter, ghee, cream and ice cream and it is used in hotels and restaurants as milk food preparation and in the preparation of tea. In 1998 India became the largest producer of milk in the world. It is also the largest consumer. There is very good market potential of these products. The developing country like India is increasing its foreign exchange by exporting dairy as well as other processed food products. Few Indian Major Players are as under: Amruth Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd. Adarsh Coop. Dairy Society Ltd. Bajaj Cattle Dairy Farms, Harihar Coop Dairy Society Ltd. Subarna Agro Dairy Pvt. Ltd. A B T Industries Ltd. Anik Industries Ltd. Bansal Naturevest Ltd. Belapur Industries Ltd. Dairyfield Ltd. Dempo Dairy Inds. Ltd. Diana Tea Co. Ltd. Dinshaw'S Dairy Foods Ltd. Goldline Milkfood Ltd. Heinz India Pvt. Ltd. I D L Agro Chemicals Ltd. Induri Farm Ltd. K S E Ltd. Kaira Can Co. Ltd. Mafco Ltd. Mahaveer Krishi Kendra Ltd. Metro Dairy Ltd. Milma Foods Ltd. Mirage Impex Pvt. Ltd. Mother Dairy Kerala Ltd. Nijjer Agro Foods Ltd. Rama Dairy Products Ltd. Ravileela Dairy Products Ltd. Rishabh Agro Inds. Ltd. Royal Dairy Ltd. Ruchi Acroni Inds. Ltd. Sri Skandan Inds. Ltd. Svera Agro Ltd. Umang Dairies Ltd. Vidya Dairy Cost Estimation: Capacity : 720000 Ltrs./Annum Total Cows 150 Nos. Assume 100 cows will give Milk Through out the year Avg. 20 Ltrs. Milk/Day/Cows
Plant capacity: -Plant & machinery: 12 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 160 Lakhs
Return: 49.00%Break even: 32.00%
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  • One Lac / Lakh / Lakhs is equivalent to one hundred thousand (100,000)
  • One Crore is equivalent to ten million (10,000,000)
  • T.C.I is Total Capital Investment
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
  • We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.
  • Caution: The project's cost, capacity and return are subject to change without any notice. Future projects may have different values of project cost, capacity or return.

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