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Monday, April 20, 2015

The term chlor-alkali refers to the two chemicals (chlorine and an alkali) which are simultaneously produced as a result of the electrolysis of a saltwater. The most common chlor-alkali chemicals are chlorine and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) but can include potassium hydroxide and muriatic acid. There are 3 types of electrolytic processes used in the production of chlorine: (1) the diaphragm cell process, (2) the mercury cell process, and (3) the membrane cell process. In each process, a salt solution is electrolyzed by the action of direct electric current that converts chloride ions to elemental chlorine. The overall process reaction is: 2NaCl 2H2O → Cl2 H2 2NaOH  In all 3 methods, the chlorine (Cl2) is produced at the positive electrode (anode) and the caustic soda (NaOH) and hydrogen (H2) are produced, directly or indirectly, at the negative electrode (cathode). The 3 processes differ in the method by which the anode products are kept separate from the cathode products. With four product lines: chlor-alkali products, chlorinated ethylenes, calcium hypochlorite and specialty phosgene derivatives, Axiall Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives is a global producer of chemicals that are essential building blocks for countless products that the world depends upon each and every day. Chlor-Alkali also supplies eco chemicals, products related to re-use, recycling and eco-solutions, aiming at a positive and sustainable impact on the environment. Main applications for iron chloride are drinking water production, industrial applications and waste water treatment. Waste water treatment plants use our products and solutions to control sludge conditions by dosing the right chemicals into their process steps. CHLORALKALI MARKET The chlor-alkali industry produces bulk chemicals that are used in many industries for various applications. They are required in construction industry, food processing, water treatment, plastics etc. The chlor-alkali industry has three products that are, chlorine, caustic soda and soda ash. The chlor-alkali consumption is projected to grow from 193,384 KT in 2014 to 224,231 KT by 2019, a a CAGR of 3.00% during the same period. At a CAGR of 6.00%, the market is projected to reach $93,936 million in 2019 from $70,407 million in 2014 Demand : Past & Future Year                th MT 1990-91    990 1991-92    1030 1996-97    1700 1997-98    1755 1998-99    1715 1999-00    1800 2000-01    1938 2001-02    1982 2002-03    2177 2003-04    2051 2004-05    2114 2005-06    2156 2006-07    2210 2007-08    2276 2008-09    2356 2009-10    2450 2010-11    2524 2011-12    2587 2012-13    2652 2013-14    2718 2014-15    2785 2019-20    3153 MARKET STRUCTURE MARKET SEGMENTATION Segment                          Share (%) Paper / newsprint                  22 Textiles                                20 Soaps and detergents     11 Water treatment                  10 Aluminium                                  9 Dyestuffs                                  5 Pharmaceuticals                    4 Vanaspati                                  1 Others                                              22   MARKET GROWTH RATES 1990-91-1996-97    9.4% 1996-97-2001-02    3.8% 2001-02-2006-07    2.2% 2006-07-2011-12    3.2% 2011-12-2019-20    2.5%   Sensitivity Coefficient    4.5%

Source: NPCS Team

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