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Growth in Pulp and Paper Industry

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Paper industry in India is the 15th largest paper industry in the world. Paper industry is primarily dependent upon forest-based raw materials. The first paper mill in India was set up at Sreerampur, West Bengal, in the year 1812. The pulp and paper industry continues to expand at a phenomenal rate and it has an important role to play on the Indian economy. Pulp and paper is produced on all continents. The largest producer countries, US, China, Japan and Canada, make up more than half of the world’s paper production which is 400 million tons a year. Pulp is a lignocellulosic fibrous material prepared by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibres from wood, fibre crops or waste paper. The wood fiber sources required for pulping are, “45% sawmill residue, 21% logs and chips, and 34% recycled paper” (Canada, 2014).Pulp is one of the most abundant raw materials world wide. Paper is one of the major components of urban solid waste and has a potential resource value when collected and reused. The pulp & paper industries in India have been categorized into large-scale and small-scale. Those paper industries, which have capacity above 24,000 tonnes per annum are designated as large-scale paper industries. The preservation of forests and increasing environmental awareness has focussed research on exploration of new fibrous resources and less toxic pulping and bleaching processes.

Pulp Production

Major companies engaged in the manufacturing of pulp feedstock as a product for sale or as part of an integrated pulp and paper mill.

Paper Stock

Manufacturers of paper products and converters for use in sanitary applications, book, magazine or newspaper publishing, stationary and commercial use application such as filter and adsorbent papers.

The paper industries can be classified into 3 categories-wood based, waste paper based and agro based.

Growth of paper industry in India has been constrained due to high cost of production caused by inadequate availability and high cost of raw materials, power cost and concentration of mills in one particular area. Despite the continued focus on digitisation, India’s demand for paper is expected to rise 53 per cent in the next six years. In the last five years, the Indian paper sector has invested about Rs 20,000 crore on capacity enhancement, technology upgrade and acquisitions. It is estimated that there is an economic growth of 8.5% for India which will benefit the demand for paper. The Indian paper industry produces 10.11 million tons paper per annum, just 1.6% of the total world production of 394 million tons, paperboard and newsprint. The present consumption of paper and paperboard including news print is at 11.15 million tonnes.


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