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Manufacturing of Sodium and Ammonium Molybdate

Monday, July 9, 2018

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Global Inorganic Chemicals Market to Grow 4.5% by 2022.

Manufacturing of Sodium and Ammonium Molybdate. Project Opportunities in Production of Inorganic Compound


Sodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate also known as disodium dioxide (dioxo) molybdenum is a chemical compound extensively consumed in fertilizer application. Other uses of sodium molybdate include nutritional supplement in food industry and as corrosion inhibitor in industrial applications. Sodium molybdate is often found as dehydrate and was first synthesized by the method of hydration. Sodium molybdate is an organic salt which is found in dietary supplements and other nutritional supplement. Sodium molybdate is a good source of molybdenum, it is used to for nitrogen fixation to support healthy growth of leguminous plants such as peas & leans, clover & Lucerne. Sodium molybdate is used as corrosion inhibition in industry. In addition, sodium molybdate is also used for reducing nitrite requirement of fluids inhibited with nitrite-amine in chemical plants and improves corrosion protection.

Sodium molybdate is a chemically altered form of the mineral element, sodium. Sodium is a natural salt, and sodium molybdate is used in the food industry as a fertilizer and nutritional supplement for health.

The agricultural industry uses large quantities of sodium molybdate as fertilizer, particularly on vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. It is also fed to some cattle to help treat copper deficiencies. As a result of its use on food products you consume, trace amounts of sodium molybdate may end up in the food supply. Sodium molybdate in your food can have a variety of effects on your body, although its complete effects are not fully understood.

Sodium Molybdate is useful as a source of molybdenum. It is often found as the dihydrate, Na2MoO4·2H2O. The molybdate (VI) anion is tetrahedral. Sodium molybdate can help correct a sodium deficiency by adding extra sodium to your body; however, sodium molybdate is ingested in such small amounts its contribution to your overall sodium stores is probably negligible. Once in your body, the molybdenum molecule is cleaved off of the sodium molecule and can have positive effects on your health.

Rapid industrialization across the globe is leading to increasing discharge of waste water and associated chemicals in to ecosystem, stringent government regulations on water disposal and environmental safety is leading towards increasing capacities of chemical and water treatment. Sodium molybdate is used for corrosion inhibition and water treatment in these facilities. Such investments in these facilities are expected to drive sodium molybdate consumption across the globe.

Sodium molybdate is emerging as possible alternative additive for sodium dichromate in the electrolytic production of sodium chlorate to reduce environmental impact without hampering performance in maintaining high current efficiency. Increasing use of sodium molybdate for aforementioned applications is a growth factor for sodium molybdate consumption in near future.

Global Sodium molybdate market can be segmented on the basis application, product type, and region.

Applications of sodium molybdate has a wide span, due to low toxicity it is used in wide array of applications such as in inks, dyes and pigments, fertilizers, ingredients in food and water treatment agents. It is also used in pharmaceutical industry as an analytical reagent. On the basis of prominent applications, global sodium molybdate market can be segmented as:

•        Water treatment

•        Fertilizer

•        Pigments & dye

•        Corrosion inhibition

•        Others

Ammonium Molybdate

Ammonium Molybdate is an odorless crystalline compound ranging in color from white to yellow-green. Ammonium Molybdate also called molybdic acid hex ammonium, salt tetrahydrate, ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate, and ammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate.

Molybdate is an odorless compound containing molybdenum and oxygen ions. Ammonium molybdate is an organic compound, which is manufactured by reacting molybdenum trioxide in the presence of excess ammonia. The compound is available in different physical forms: solid powder, liquid, crystals, and chunks.


·         As an analytical reagent

·         Presence of phosphates, silicates,

·         Arsenates and lead in pigments

·         In the production of molybdenum metal

·         In the preparation of dehydrogenation

·         In the fixing of metals

·         In electroplating

·         In fertilizers for crops.

The compound is also used as a catalyst in production of polymers and other commercial chemical processes. Ammonium molybdate is also applied as an intermediate in some industries. Due to bright color of molybdate, the compound is employed in paints, inks, and as an indicator & reagent in different colorimetric chemical experiments. Ammonium molybdate is employed as an analgesic in the medical industry. It is employed as a source of molybdate ion for the production of molybdenum metals and ceramics. Ammonium molybdate is manufactured in different grades such as reagent & technical grade, laboratory grade, food & pharmaceutical grade, and industrial grade. These grades are utilized in different industries. Based on region, the ammonium molybdate market can be divided into Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America, and Latin America.

The global Ammonium Molybdate Market industry has experienced an astonishing change structure-wise such as enhancements in technology, increasing raw material costs, manufacturing base been channeled to Asian countries, novel promising growth markets, etc.

The global ammonium molybdate market can be segmented based on product type, application, end- use industry, and region. In terms of product type, the ammonium molybdate market can be segmented into ammonium orthomolybdate, ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate, ammonium octamolybdate, and others. Ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate is also known as ammonium heptamolybdate. It is manufactured by liberating ammonium upon heating ammonium orthomolybdate. In terms of application, the market can be divided into analytical reagent, fertilizers & micronutrient, catalyst, metals & ceramic, electroplating, corrosion inhibitor, pigment, and others. Ammonium molybdate is used in end-use industries such as chemical manufacturing, molybdate products, life science, research & laboratories, and others.

Demand for ammonium molybdate is expected to be higher in the chemical manufacturing segment in the next few years. Increasing cost of raw materials and toxicity of ammonium molybdate are estimated to restrain the ammonium molybdate market. The compound is harmful for eyes, skin, kidneys, blood, and respiratory tract if swallowed or inhaled. Asia Pacific is estimated dominate the market in the near future. Industrial and economic growth in the region, and increase manufacturing capacities are boosting the ammonium molybdate market in Asia Pacific, particularly in China, Japan, and India. The ammonium molybdate market is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace in North America.



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