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Water Soluble Fertilizer Manufacturing Industry

Monday, December 3, 2018

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Water Soluble Fertilizer Manufacturing Industry. Water Soluble Fertilizer Blends Production for Drip Irrigation Systems

Water soluble fertilizers are the type of fertilizers that are dissolved in water and applied to plants at the base or foliage throughout the growing season. The addition of fertilizer often leads to double or triple the yield. Ever growing demand for agricultural products is the major reason for growth in demand of water soluble fertilizers.

The main advantage of water soluble fertilizer over other type of fertilizers is the more rapid impact, ease of use and easier coverage. Hence, water soluble fertilizer are witnessing rapid growth in demand. Water soluble fertilizers can also be applied more frequently than granular fertilizers, therefore can be used according to the need and availability. The growing awareness over organic farming may affect the use of water soluble fertilizer in future.

Water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-compound fertilizer that can be dissolved in water, more easily absorbed by crops, its absorption and utilization is relatively high as compared to conventional chemical fertilizers. The fixed amount of nutrient available to the plants can be easily provided by the help of this fertilizer. The technology of this fertilizer is best suited for modern irrigation system. In addition to that, it also prevents ground water contamination.  These above technological advancements differentiate water soluble fertilizers from the conventional chemical fertilizers.

The usage of water-soluble fertilizer application is simple. As it is well suited in advanced irrigation technology, it not only saves water and fertilizer, but also saves labor cost. Furthermore, water-soluble fertilizer has fewer impurities, has low conductivity compared to chemical fertilizers and fertilizer concentration is easier to adjust. It is also a safe chemical option for young seedlings. The major drivers of the market are its wider applications of green house, government subsidies for adoption of this technology, economic incentives with Fertigation to reduce ground water consumption and rising demand for micro-irrigation systems. The major constraints for this market are the cost of that is higher as compare to other soil fertilizers and also its negative seasonal impact and requirement of high initial setup cost. Wide scope of micro irrigation system in Asia creates opportunities for the acceptance of water soluble fertilizers.

Water soluble fertilizers are available both in powdered and liquid form and find high usage in the plantation, field, medicinal and aromatic crops. These products enhance the quality and quantity of food crops and protect plants from diseases and crop-damaging insects.


Market Outlook

India Water Soluble Fertilizers Market

India water soluble fertilizers market stood at around $ 185 million in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 6% to surpass $ 356 million by 2027, on account of increasing popularity of complex water-soluble fertilizers and micronutrients in horticulture and ornamental crops. Moreover, high efficiency of fertilizers on foliar application methods and increasing trend of customized crop specific fertilizer solutions are further propelling the demand for water soluble fertilizers in India. Additionally, increasing acceptance of micro irrigation practices, high efficiency of water soluble fertilizers and increasing awareness among farmers is further expected to drive water soluble fertilizers market in India during the forecast period.

Water soluble fertilizers (WSFs) offer a sustainable solution for farmers seeking to increase plant yield and reduce fertilizer usage in fields. With growing environmental concerns, WSFs are becoming more popular than chemical fertilizers, as they deliver better yield, provide nutrients in a controlled manner, protect soil against excess fertilizer dosing and are more economical. The market for water soluble fertilizers in India is benefitting majorly due to growing adoption of modern irrigation systems such as fertigation and foliar spray techniques by Indian farmers and rising demand for horticulture, ornamental and field crops in the country.

Moreover, high efficiency of fertilizers on foliar application methods and increasing trend of customized crop specific fertilizer solutions are further propelling the demand for water soluble fertilizers in India. Additionally, increasing acceptance of micro irrigation practices, high efficiency of water soluble fertilizers and increasing awareness among farmers is further expected to drive water soluble fertilizers market in India during the forecast period.

Global Water Soluble Fertilizers Market

The global water soluble fertilizer market was valued at $12.52 billion in 2016 and is forecast to grow at a steady CAGR of 8.4% between 2017 and 2024, culminating in 2024 global revenue of $21.07 billion. Population expansion coupled with rising demand for food security in developing regions is anticipated to remain the primary driving factor for market growth over the forecast period.

The global water soluble fertilizers market is segmented into product type such as nitrogenous, micronutrients, potassic and phosphatic. Among these segments, nitrogenous segment projected to grow at remarkable pace during the forecast period.

Global water soluble fertilizers find application as chemical fertilizers in drip & sprinkler irrigation systems and also as foliar spray to augment yield and improve the quality of a variety of crops like oilseeds, tobacco, cereals, fruits, sugarcane, vegetables, pulses, cotton, tea etc. They are safe for use in nurseries and greenhouses as well.

The increasing cost of traditional fertilizers eases application of water soluble fertilizers. Their increased availability and advancements in the mechanized irrigation systems are the major driving forces behind the increased demand and growing market of water soluble fertilizers.

The global water-soluble fertilizers market is segmented on the basis of type as nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassic, micronutrients, bio fertilizers, and bio stimulants. Of which, nitrogenous fertilizer segment is dominating market as it plays a vital role in crop growth. Based on the application, the global is segmented as fertigation and foliar application. On the basis of crop type, the global water-soluble fertilizers market is further segmented as field, horticultural, and turf & ornamentals.

There are multiple growth drivers for the water soluble fertilizer market. The exponential population growth in the Asia Pacific region would mean rising food and nutrition demands. More stomachs to fill and people to feed, is the most important driver for the growth of such fertilizers especially in developing countries like India, China, Bangladesh and others. Water soluble fertilizers are deemed as the traditional farming elements and thus developing countries which do not have strict environmental regulations are the biggest consumers of such fertilizers.

On the basis of crop, water soluble fertilizers industry is segmented as turf & ornamentals, field crops and horticulture crops. Horticulture crops are anticipated to observe rapid growth over the forecast timeframe. Rising demand for fruits & vegetables due to increasing awareness about health benefits will primarily drive the market growth. Government initiatives and promotions on enhancements in crop productivity will further propel the industry demand.

Based on type, water soluble fertilizer market is segmented into nitrogenous, micronutrients, potassium and phosphatic, out of which, nitrogenous and micronutrients segments are expected to dominate the overall market of water soluble fertilizer over the forecast period.

Nitrogenous was the prominent segment in 2015 and accounted for 60.5% of the global volume share and is expected to witness growth on account of high application in oilseeds and grains. The product provides better texture and color to plants and thus increases the overall crop productivity.

The main types of crops on which water-soluble fertilizers are used are field crops, horticultural crops, turfs & ornamentals and others, which include plantation crops and hydroponics.

This market is an emerging field of global fertilizer market. This analysis gives an overall view on global water soluble market, which is growing rapidly due to the rising demand for micro irrigation systems. Its driving and restraining factors are strategically dealt and more emphasis is given towards its wide opportunity in agrarian countries. The global market is analyzed using Porter’s five force model which assists the stakeholders to understand the bargaining power of buyer as water soluble fertilizer is highly price sensitive.

The water-soluble fertilizers market is expected to be highly fragmented with major players driving the growth through expansions, agreements, new product launches and acquisitions, to develop their position in the market. These strategies were followed by the industry participants to expand their global presence and enhance their product portfolio.


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