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Potential Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Monday, October 1, 2018

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Potential Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs. 10 Best Industries for Starting Your Own Business


List of Profitable Project Opportunities for Startup:

Liquid Glucose from Potatoes

Potato is widely consumed as food all over the world.  It contains the starch as a major carbohydrate. Surplus and cull potatoes are used as feed for livestock and also as raw material for the manufacture of starch, ethyl alcohol and a few other industrial products like, dextrose, liquid Glucose etc.

Glucose syrup is a sweetening liquid which is made after the hydrolysis of glucose molecule, generally corn, rice, wheat and potato is taken to make glucose syrup because they are a rich source of starch. Glucose syrup is used for making frozen dessert and candy. Glucose syrup are also used to make baked food items to add sweetness. Glucose syrup are generally free from fat, but contains high amount of calories. Glucose syrup made from cornstarch contains a small amount of thiamine, zinc as well as calcium.

The Global Market for Glucose Syrup has witnessed continued demand during the last few years and is projected to reach 29,888 kilo tons by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2016 to 2022. Raise in demand across various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, confectionery are driving the global glucose syrup market.

Asia-Pacific region is estimated to dominate the global glucose syrup market holding a lion’s share of more than 30% accounting for a market volume of more than 10,000 kilo tons. North America will witness the highest growth rate of 3.94% in the global glucose syrup market whereas Europe and Rest of the world will witness moderate growth rate.

Shisham (Indian rosewood) Plantation

Shisham is the best known economic timber species of the rosewood genus sold internationally, but it is also used as fuel wood and for shade and shelter. After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree of Bihar, which is the largest producer of shisham timber in India. In Bihar, the tree is planted on roadsides, along canals and as a shade tree for tea plantations. It is also commonly planted in southern Indian cities like Bangalore as a street tree.

Sheesham is usually dried before being used in furniture manufacturing, a process commonly known as seasoning. Locally sheesham is left in wide open areas to dry under the sun for about six months. Commercially, sheesham is dried in closed chambers with hot air circulation for about seven to fifteen days, depending on weather conditions. The ideal moisture level is supposed to be 5-6% for thinner pieces and up to 11% for thicker ones, depending on use. Anything lower than this can cause sudden cracking of the final products.

Sheesham (Dalbergia) is a fast growing tropical hardwood. Historically known as ‘Indian Rosewood′, it has been in great demand for centuries for musical instruments and fine inlay work in furniture. Much loved by wood turners and cabinet makers - it provides them with material in two distinctive colours; rich, dark ‘heartwood′ and contrasting delicate, pale ‘sapwood′.

One Time Carbon Paper

One time carbon paper can be used as one time black carbon in varied applications viz.

Carbon paper (originally carbonic paper) was originally paper coated on one side with a layer of a loosely bound dry ink or pigmented coating, bound with wax, used for making one or more copies simultaneously with the creation of an original document when using a typewriter or a ballpoint pen. The manufacture of carbon paper was formerly the largest consumer of montan wax.

The Global Carbon Paper Market report is a compilation of the several factors driving and restraining this market along with a thorough run-down of the sales volume of each product within carefully categorized sub-segments of the market. The global Carbon Paper industry with a focus on the Southeast Asia market.

Cement Paint

Cement paint is water based paint and is applied to either exterior or interior including brick work and concrete. It is used for painting exterior wall surface mainly for preventing water penetration and reductions of dirt collection. It is suitable for coating concrete as well as decorating indoor and outdoor walls.

Cement paint is mostly used to cover those surfaces that are subjected to frequent weather changes and heavy use. Cement paint is one of the common names for a family of special paint coatings made for masonry and cement-based materials, including concrete, mortar (and brick), concrete block and stucco. Similar coatings may be called "masonry paint" or "concrete paint."

Since the cement paints gives high order of protection, decoration, beautification and durable properties than the normal whitewash. It is extensively used on all types of emented masonry surfaces like Bungalows, multi-storied building, bridges, dams, general public buildings, houses etc. The demand of cement paint is increasing with the general requirement of human beings throughout the country. Cement Paints have a very good market and a very promising future.

Cement Paints: Used best for exterior walls, they are favorable for all weather conditions and protect exterior walls from the damaging effects of nature. These paints are fungus and algae resistant making walls appear unaffected for longer spans of time. The benefits of using cement paints are that they prove to be a great waterproofing solution and are easy to apply. Additionally, they can be stored for longer periods of time because they are available in the form of powder and need to be dissolved with water before application. Being highly economical, cement wall paints can be applied once in 2 or 3 years to keep them looking great.

Battery for Auto Vehicles

An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. Its main purpose is to feed the starter, which starts the engine. Once the engine is running, power for the car's electrical systems is supplied by the alternator.

The market demand for this battery is huge as more and more vehicles are being developed daily and more electric vehicles are increasingly being used.

As the automotive technology has advanced, automobiles consist of a large number of functions these days. These functions have increased exponentially during the past few years, as a result of the intense competition amongst the vehicle manufacturers. Features, like state-of-the-art gadgets and lighting, car infotainment systems, etc. have trickled down even into the entry-level automobiles. These new attributes have put immense pressure on car batteries, which have to take on higher loads. The new fuel-saving technologies, like micro-hybrid systems are also leading to higher battery usage. Features in commercial and passenger vehicles are set to increase exponentially during the forecast period, which is anticipated be a major driver for the automotive battery market.

The Global demand for automotive batteries is forecast to rise 13% per year to $54.1 billion in 2022, expanding to 38% of total sales. Rising manufacturing and use of motor vehicles worldwide will spur sales growth. The HEV segment will more than quadruple in size as these vehicles increasingly penetrate global markets. Electric vehicles, which use more expensive batteries than hybrids, will post particularly strong growth, boosting overall market value. While falling prices for lithium-ion batteries (on a kWh basis) will be a major contributor to growth for HEVs, a shift toward batteries with higher capacities will boost prices on a unit basis and contribute to the expanding market size.

Departmental Store

A departmental store is a large retail trading organization. It has several departments, which are classified and organized accordingly. Departments are made as per different types of goods to be sold. For example, individual departments are established for selling packed food goods, groceries, garments, stationery, cutlery, cosmetics, medicines, computes, sports, furniture, etc., so that consumers can purchase all basic household requirements under one roof. It provides them maximum shopping convenience and therefore, also called as 'Universal Providers' or 'one spot shopping'.

Today, departments often include the following: clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, cosmetics, house ware, gardening, toiletries, sporting goods, paint, and hardware. Additionally, other lines of products such as food, books, jewelry, electronics, stationery, photographic equipment, baby products, and products for pets are sometimes included. Customers generally check out near the front of the store, although some stores include sales counters within each department. Some stores are one of many within a larger retail chain, while others are independent retailers.

The Department Stores industry comprises retailers that sell a wide range of merchandise, including apparel, footwear, home goods, appliances, toys and sporting equipment. While big-box retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Target, have historically dominated the industry, many have expanded their product offerings in recent years to include groceries. This one-stop-shop format has boosted revenue for these companies; however, general merchandise stores that offer groceries are included in the Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters industry which effectively removes them from the Department Stores industry.

Tripod Stands, Tables & Chairs (100% EOU)

Tripod Stands

A tripod is a portable three-legged frame or stand, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object. A tripod provides stability against downward forces and horizontal forces and movements about horizontal axes.

A tripod is a three legged device to hold your camera still. This is useful at lower shutter speeds to prevent the shake of your hands or the action of pressing the shutter from blurring the image, what we call camera shake for short.

The outlook for the industrial tripods market is expected to be positive and the industrial tripods market will register healthy year over year growth over the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to rising demand for advanced-tech features in photography and strict government regulations to ensure quality of infrastructure. Under the material type segment of the industrial tripods market, the carbon fiber type industrial tripod segment is expected to register significant growth during the forecast period as this technology provides distinctive features, such as resistance to weather and corrosion.

Tables & Chairs

A table is an item of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, used as a surface for working at, eating from or on which to place things. Some common types of table are the dining room table, which is used for seated persons to eat meals; the coffee table, which is a low table used in living rooms to display items or serve refreshments; and the bedside table, which is used to place an alarm clock and a lamp. There are also a range of specialized types of tables, such as drafting tables, used for doing architectural drawings, and sewing tables.

Overall, the U.S. furniture market is expected to experience growth. The market registered a 4.5% increase in growth in 2016, placing its overall value at $114 billion.  Although the first six months of 2017 saw a softened increase of 2.5% in consumer spending year over year, the U.S. furniture market is anticipated to grow at a “compound annual growth rate of 2.9% through 2019.”

White Cement

White cement is typically specified to ensure clean, bright, consistent colors, including light pastels. White cement allows a wide range of color options for producing structural and architectural concrete, as well as masonry and cementations building products. The final color and look of concrete and masonry materials are affected by many factors:

White cement is a construction material, which exhibits aesthetic and hydraulic binding properties. This cement is often deployed along with pigments to impart attractive color to the concretes and mortars, which is not feasible with ordinary gray cement.

White cement is extensively used as an alternative to gray cement owing to its value-added properties such as its ability to reflect heat and improved aesthetic appearance. The demand for white cement is higher among countries with hot environment conditions as more heat is reflected from the resulting white concrete surface when compared to standard gray concrete.


·         While grey cement is great for normal bricklaying work, white cement is necessary for the surface of the wall. It makes the walls resistant to external elements & acts as a smooth base for the paint.

·         The process is called a ‘wash’. The custom is to have your walls lime-washed; however, using white cement concrete mix will serve you multiple benefits.

·         The white cement wash offers a much better finish to start with, concealing hairline cracks with a durable, matte finish. The second benefit is the effect on the paints; the white surface allows the paint to stand out while also protecting it from moisture from the walls.

The white cement market is expected to register a significant growth during 2018 to 2023 (the forecast period). This tremendous growth is supported by the increasing construction activities in emerging economies.

Copper Strip Coils from Scraps

Copper strip is produced in a wide variety of copper alloys, including clad composites.  It can be produced in standard dimensions.

Copper Strips Market size is expected to witness a gush in demand due to high gains in construction spending enhances the product consumption in various applications including switchgears, transformers and other electronics. Rising infrastructural development, particularly in developing countries of Europe, Middle East and Africa, will further aid copper strips suppliers as updating the national power grids in these countries fuel the production of wires and cables.

Brass and Copper Tube

Copper and brass are two very similar looking metals but there are many occasions when it's useful to be able to differentiate between brass and copper pipes. Copper is a naturally occurring metal which is fairly unique in the fact that it has gold like color. Most metals (with the exception of gold) are silver in color. Brass is a manmade alloy of copper and zinc mixed together.

Brass is a metallic alloy that is made of copper and zinc. The proportions of zinc and copper can vary to create different types of brass alloys with varying mechanical and electrical properties. It is a substitution alloy: atoms of the two constituents may replace each other within the same crystal structure.

Brass is used for decoration for its bright gold-like appearance; for applications where low friction is required such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition casings and valves; for plumbing and electrical applications; and extensively in brass musical instruments such as horns and bells where a combination of high workability (historically with hand tools) and durability is desired. It is also used in zippers. Brass is often used in situations in which it is important that sparks not be struck, such as in fittings and tools used near flammable or explosive materials.

Copper pipes and tubes are generally utilized to supply hot water and cold water. They are also employed as refrigerant line in high voltage AC systems. Furthermore, copper pipes and tubes are customized to cater individual requirements for many applications such as ultra-low bandwidth devices. The global copper pipes and tubes market will grow at a CAGR of close to 4% during the forecast period.


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