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Infrared Reflected (IR) Paint Manufacturing Industry

Monday, September 24, 2018

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Infrared Reflected (IR) Paint Manufacturing Industry. New Paint Technology: Infrared Reflective Coatings

Infrared technology is different than the old fashioned way of just applying heat to paint. It used to be that painters would use a torch to strip old paint. It worked great, except that it caused a ton of house fires and vaporized the lead paint, which is a serious health hazard.

There has been a revolution in the paint industry with the emergence of heat reflective paint, which improve buildings’ insulation properties in an eco-friendly way. These paints are generally available in light colours because they can reflect up to 80% of solar radiation.

The heat reflective paint lessens the ‘urban heat islands’ effect, which allows cooler buildings. A cooler building means lesser use of air conditioners and lower carbon dioxide emission. This way, heat reflective paints are the best option for those who believe in caring for the environment and longevity of the building.

Uses and Application

A number of industrial coating manufacturers are already employing this new paint technology for their customers’ applications. In North America, IRR pigments are utilized in metal roof coatings to reflect heat from a building’s roof. Because more heat is reflected away from the structure’s surface, less energy (and money) must be expended on cooling the interior. In large buildings, the savings on cooling costs can be significant over time.

IRR coatings are also used for other building applications, such as in the manufacture of windows and doors, where IRR pigments help limit deformation of door and window frames. In Europe, coatings producers also utilize IRR pigments in building facade coatings such as stucco.

IR-Reflective Coatings Benefits:

General Benefits

·         Longer potential life-cycle due to less polymer degradation and thermal expansion due to lower temperature.

·         Aesthetically pleasing colors.

·         Cooler to the touch for better ergonomics.

·         Improved system durability and less thermal degradation

Roofing Benefits

·         Less heat to transfer into buildings.

·         Reduced heat island effect.

·         Lower peak energy demand.

·         Reductions in air pollution due to lower energy usage, power plant emissions, and a reduction in urban air temperatures.

·         Installation crews can work longer into the day before roof gets too hot to work on.


Market Outlook

The heat reflective paints & coatings market has been analyzed by utilizing the optimum combination of secondary sources and in-house methodology along with an irreplaceable blend of primary insights.

Infrared-reflective coatings can be formulated with various pigments, metals (such as aluminum) or other materials to produce an IR-reflective barrier. The paints industry in India has been growing at the rate of around 12% a year. The paints market has crossed the Rs. 135 bn mark. By volume, the market is estimated at 1.4 mn tonne which is growing at an average annual growth of over 6 to 8% (12% by value). The global IR Reflected coating market is expected to reach USD 5.41 billion by 2025.

The automotive sector is one of the major contributors toward the heat reflective paints & coatings market. The high growth in economies and the increasing per capita income among consumers in the developing countries are increasing the demand for automobiles. This, in turn, is increasing the demand for heat reflective paints & coatings in this area. This trend is expected to continue in the automotive sector, thus leading the market during the forecast period. In the emerging economies, such as China, India, and Brazil, industrial infrastructure & equipment market is growing, which is expected to impact the heat reflective paints & coating market positively. Further, the use of heat reflective paints & coatings is increasing in building & construction, industrial, consumer goods, and oil & gas industries.


Demand for paints comes from two broad categories:

Decoratives: Major segments in decoratives include exterior wall paints, interior wall paints, wood finishes and enamel and ancillary products such as primers, putties etc. Decorative paints account for around 75% of the overall paint market in India. Asian Paints is the market leader in this segment. Demand for decorative paints arises from household painting, architectural and other display purposes. Demand in the festive season (September-December) is significant, as compared to other periods. This segment is price sensitive and is a higher margin business as compared to industrial segment.

Industrial: Three main segments of the industrial sector include automotive coatings, powder coatings and protective coatings User industries for industrial paints include automobiles engineering and consumer durables. The industrial paints segment is far more technology intensive than the decorative segment.

The paints sector is raw material intensive, with over 300 raw materials (50% petro-based derivatives) involved in the manufacturing process. Since most of the raw materials are petroleum based, the industry benefits from softening crude prices.

The paint industry in India has moved forward from a predominant decorative paints market to a more diversified market with seasonal fluctuations. Several factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the Indian paint industry include adoption of latest technologies and innovative products launch.

Over the last few years, India has been experiencing a major growth in paint sales. Increasing levels of income, education and increasing urbanization has helped the paint market to grow considerably. In addition to this, usage of enamel and emulsion paints over traditional white wash, increasing penetration in the rural market and digitalization are also driving the paint industry.

The paints industry is largely dominated by organized players accounting for about 65% of the industry’s value and the unorganized players accounting for the rest 35%.

Of the two segments in the paints industry, the industrial paints segment mainly comprises organized players whereas the decorative segment also involves some component of unorganized players as the decorative paints segment is not significantly dependent on technology compared to the industrial paints segment that involves higher technical know-how.

The unorganized segment involves selling of low end products like low end distemper, cement paints etc.

Moreover, the growth in the Indian paint market is driven by rapid urbanization, emergence of the middle class, increase in disposable incomes, growing infrastructure, increase in the tendency to spend extravagantly and growing young population inclined towards leading a lavish lifestyle.

The growth of the paint industry in India has been consistent with the GDP growth rate over the years. There is a shift in the market in terms of growing stress upon the usage of environment friendly paints. The companies have introduced various paints products which are eco friendly and less harmful to the environment in recent years. The market has also witnessed inflow of a gamut of innovative products which serve to the changing decor styles and improving aesthetic tastes of growing urban population.


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