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E-Rickshaw (Electric tuk-tuks) Manufacturing Business

Monday, September 10, 2018

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E-Rickshaw (Electric tuk-tuks) Manufacturing Business. How to Start Electric Vehicle Assembling Industry

E-Rickshaws are small vehicles, with three wheels and use electric power from batteries to run. They use an electric motor as engine which draws electric power from the rechargeable batteries installed in the rickshaw body. These battery operated vehicles are perfect for small distant transport, both cargo and people; they are perfect for running on narrow streets because of their small size. But the biggest reason for their popularity is low operating cost and zero air pollution. In a nutshell you can say they are bigger version of rickshaws powered by electricity.

They are like normal rickshaws but powered by electric motor instead of petrol or diesel motor. They are perfect for a pollution free, environment friendly transport system in short distances. Actually they are not capable of running long distance.

E-rickshaws are now one of the preferred mode of transport in streets because of its low maintenance cost, low fuel cost, Eco-friendly, no noise pollution, easy to drive and last but not the least livelihood, e-rickshaw is a boon to the common man. Without putting in much physical efforts and without investing much amount of money, the earning is quite good for an e-rickshaw driver and hence it is an important means of livelihood for many.

These e-rickshaws consist of 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at rear wheels. Basically these vehicles has a mild steel tubular chassis. The motor is brush-less DC motor manufactured mostly in India and China. The electrical system used in Indian version is 48VDC can run 90– 100 km/full charge, top speed 25 km/hour and this electric motor power ranging from 650-1400 Watts; the battery takes 8–10 hrs to become fully charged. Basic seating capacity is driver plus 4 passenger total 5 persons.

These vehicles are now started using in transporting light weight goods as e-loader. Hence there are lots of opportunities of income.

Below are some of the main reason why this e-rickshaw is going to get more support from people and from government in future:-

Eco-Friendly:Since this vehicle runs on electricity, it can never emit smoke. This way one can travel across the city without polluting the air. Batteries used in these vehicles can be recycled and can be disposed of without any problem.

Less Expensive:This e-rickshaw can be easily afforded by a middle class person who cannot shell out much money. No doubt, these vehicles are very economical for both passengers and drivers.

No Sound Pollution:This e-rickshaw produce less noise compared to vehicles which run on petrol and diesel. Since entire engine of this e-rickshaw runs with the electricity of the battery attached to the vehicle which results in less noise.

Maintenance:Since this vehicle has no engine, and gearbox maintenance of this vehicles comes very cheap. It’s very easy to charge the battery. All you need to do is, pay money for charging the battery.

Safety:E-rickshaw involves less risk compared to auto rickshaw which runs with fuel. They cause fewer accidents.

Fare and Cost of Vehicle:This e-rickshaw are affordable to buy, one can buy this vehicle at the price of a bike in India. One can buy this e-rickshaw at a price of 95,000 Rs. When it comes to motor rickshaw you need to spend 2 lakhs of rupees, which is too expensive.

Need of E-rickshaw:

As population increases there came to a need for the fast & eco-friendly mode of transports. Then started the evolution of electric vehicles especially E- rickshaws and electric automobiles. So many technologies were there which supported a reliable battery and the weight of the needed number of batteries elevated the price of making an electric vehicle.

Battery Rickshaw or the Electric Tricycle is the latest Eco Friendly vehicle which is most suitable for covering short distances. E Rickshaws are three wheel battery operated vehicles, which are considered as an upgrade to conventional rickshaws, and economically better than auto rickshaws and other fuel variants, these rickshaws, since are battery powered have zero emission, and is often argued to be much better than other rickshaws as they are considered almost pollution free.

E rickshaw is a three wheel battery operated vehicle, which are considered as an upgrade to conventional cycle or pedal rickshaws, vastly popular in Asian countries and some South African regions and parts of Europe. It consist of an electric battery powered drive train and required no conventional fuel.

Market Outlook

Indian electric rickshaw market is projected to reach 935.5 thousand units by 2023, the market growth is majorly driven by government incentives and environmental policies, and declining battery prices. Passenger carriers held a larger share in the Indian electric rickshaw market in 2017, accounting for more than 95% revenue. They are expected to continue holding a larger market share in the coming years as well, on account of the large passenger base in the country, coupled with the growing demand for low-cost shared mobility.

Electric rickshaws with 1,000–1,500 W motor power contributed the largest share to the market during the historical period. A large number of such rickshaws are equipped with 1,000–1,500 W motor, as it provides operational cost benefits. However, with the growing demand for quality products and the entry of big, organized players, the demand for vehicles equipped with higher-power motors is expected to increase in the Indian electric rickshaw market during the forecast period.

North India was the largest market for electric rickshaws during the historical period. The region contributed close to 70% volume share to the Indian electric rickshaw market in 2017. However, during the forecast period, the market is expected to witness the fastest growth in East India. One of the most important aspects of these e rickshaws are their contribution to the economy, as thousands of individuals become self-employed and they are earning their livings by driving these battery rickshaws on daily basis.

The demand for the rickshaws has significantly increased over the past few years owing to its low running costs that helps rake in higher profits. With people becoming conscious about the damage done by conventional fuels, the E-rickshaws are set to increase in popularity in the coming years.

The Indian electric rickshaw market is primarily dominated by a large number of small, unorganized local players, which accounted for around 85% of the sales in 2017. Some of the major players in the market are Lohia Auto Industries, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd., Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Terra Motors Corporation, Clean Motion India, and Saera Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd.


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