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Mechanical, Engineering, Automobile Industries, Metal, Metallurgical, S.S. Utensil, Wire, Aluminum, Brass, Copper Products, LPG Cylinder and Valves Projects

We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. Please select the projects of your interests.

Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analysing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material, formulating the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet etc.

We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics.

Many of the engineers, project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis.

We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.

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NameCapacityCost *Return %
Silica Ramming Mass (Acidic Ramming Mass)-0.0059.08
Mini Steel Plant-0.0056.00
Carbon & Graphite Electrodes-0.0034.00
Ferrosilicon (Ferro silicon)-0.0027.74
Ferrosilicon (Ferro silicon)-0.0027.74
Air Coolers-0.0062.00
Air Brake Helical Coil-0.0031.63
Air Duct System (Air Conditioning)-0.000.00
Air Coolers-0.000.00
Alloy Steel (Special Steel)-0.0032.00
Alloy Casting (Including Non-Ferrous Casting)-0.0033.05
Alloy Steel Castings-0.0038.00
Aluminium Household Utensils-0.0032.90
Aluminium & Brass Door Hinges-0.000.00
Aluminium Extrusions-0.0029.73
Aluminium Rerolling & Circle Cutting Plant-0.0045.50
Aluminium Foil-0.0021.81
Aluminium Rolling Mill-0.0060.07
Aluminium/Copper Cables (Rubber Coated)-0.000.00
Aluminium Labels of Various Sizes-0.000.00
Aluminium Venetian blinds 0.000.00
Aluminium Extrusion-0.0038.68
Aluminium Containers, Bottles (Small) for Pesticides-0.0040.00
Aluminium Powder-0.000.00
Aluminium Small Containers for Packing Pesticides (By Extrusion Method)-0.000.00
Aluminium Door Fittings (Builders Hardware)-0.000.00
Aluminium Doors, Windows and Fittings-0.0053.76
Aluminium Window-0.0027.78
Aluminium Furniture (Chair & Tables)-0.000.00
Aluminium Utensils, Boxes & Toys -0.000.00
Aluminium Collapsible Tubes-0.0050.11
Aluminium Fabricated Products-0.000.00
Aluminium Channels, Beading (Single & Double) Square & Round Pipes-0.0045.00
Aluminium Alloy-0.0056.26
Aluminium Paste from Aluminium Powders-0.0040.65
Aluminium Cans -0.000.00
Aluminium & Steel Furniture-0.0042.24
Aluminium Bottles (Extruded)-0.0031.63
Aluminium Caps for Pharmaceutical Industries-0.0045.81
Aluminium Builders Hardware-0.0034.72
Aluminium Sheet Metal Shop-0.0045.00
Aluminium Re-Rolling Domestic Utensils & Containers-0.0055.00
Aluminium Circles in Different Gauges and Sizes-0.0054.95
Aluminium Collapsible Tubes-0.0043.06
Aluminium Bottle Cans or Containers-0.0036.22
Aluminium Alloy conductor-0.0058.00
Aluminium Ingots-0.0062.00
Aluminium Utensils & School Boxes for carrying books-0.0060.00
Aluminium Extruded Section-0.0064.38
Anodic Aluminium Labels-0.0049.00
Aluminium Wire Drawing-0.0027.65
Aluminium Milk Can-0.0067.10
Aluminium Powder by Automization Process-0.0066.82
Aluminium Door, Windows & Fitting-0.0064.00
Antimony from Lead-0.0053.00
Aluminium Sheet Rolling Mill-0.000.00
Aluminium Door Fittings-0.0043.70
Anodic Aluminium Cables-0.0043.50
Anodic Aluminium Labels-0.000.00
Alloy Casting (Ferrous)-0.0061.06
Alloy Steel Casting & Mild Steel Casting-0.0039.00
Alloy Steel Casting-0.0037.00
Alloy wire (Nickel Silver German Silver-0.0027.07
Aluminium Collapsible Tubes & Rigid Cans-0.0044.57
Artificial Jewellery (Chains & Bangles)-0.0060.00
Assembly of Watches-0.0062.86
Auto Shock Absorbers-0.000.00
Auto Control Wires-0.000.00
Auto Bulbs (Head & Tail)-0.000.00
Auto Horns for Scooter-0.000.00
Auto Air Filters-0.000.00
Auto Head Lights-0.000.00
Auto Bulb Holders-0.000.00
Auto Bulbs-0.000.00
Auto Piston-0.0045.57
Auto Brake Shoes (Bonded)-0.000.00
Auto Spokes-0.000.00
Auto Bulbs-0.000.00
Auto Leaf Spring-0.0039.08
Auto Bushes (Bimetal)-0.0032.74
Auto Cables-0.000.00
Auto Cables for Brakes-0.000.00
Auto Parts Clutches, Accelators-0.0033.45
Auto Sprockets for Two Wheelers-0.0045.00
Automobiles Piston for Two Wheeler-0.0023.06
Automobile Fuses-0.000.00
Automobile Body Building-0.0057.00
Automobile Gears-0.0028.93
Automobile Radiators-0.000.00
Automatic Vending Machine for Hot & Cold Beverages-0.0052.00
Automobile Dynamo-0.000.00
Automobile Workshop Garage & Service Centre-0.0041.90
Auto Leaf Spring-0.0055.00
Automatic Electro Computerised Washing Machine-0.0048.14
Auto Tubes (All Ranges of Tubes)-0.0048.00
Auto Bulbs/Lamps-0.0030.85
Auto Engine Cylinder for Two Wheeler-0.0055.00
Auto Tubes-0.0058.47
Automobile Accessories in Stainless Steel (Automobile Jet Nozzles & Spindles)-0.000.00
Automobile Radiator-0.0054.35

  • Cost is in Indian Rupee INR '00,000 (hundred thousand/Lakhs)
  • T.C.I is Total Capital Investment
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
  • Caution: The project's cost, capacity and return are subject to change without any notice. Future projects may have different values of project cost, capacity or return.

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Page 1 of 10 | Total 964 projects in this category
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