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Cereal Processing (Rice, Dal, Pulses, Oat, Wheat), Sugar Projects

Agro products includea broad all-inclusive category of products related to agriculture. Cereals and pulses are an integral part of our lives, as they are the only food products that provide instant energy.Grainsor cereal grains are grasses whose grain (generally from families Poaceae or Gramineae) in the form of rice, wheat ,maize, barley, oats , rye, buckwheat and sorghum constitutes a majority of daily sustenance. Cereal grains provide more food energy they are therefore staple crops. In their natural form (as in whole grain), they are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and oils, and protein.Usually ground into flour, these grains provide bread, pasta, and other staple carbohydrates essential to nutrition. On the other hand pulses are leguminous species producing edible seeds.India is the world's largest producer, consumer and importer of pulses. Pulses find a prominent place in Indian meals and remain a primary source of protein for the majority of population in the country. The country grows a variety of pulses crops such as peas, lentils, urad, tur, moong, yellow peas, chicken pea, pigeon pea and beans under different agro-climatic conditions, and is recognized globally as a major player contributing around 25 per cent of the world’s production.

Agriculture is one of the strongholds of the Indian economy and accounts for 18.5 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). India has become the world's largest producer across a range of commodities due to its favourable agro-climatic conditions and rich natural resource base. India's exports of agricultural and processed food products posted a 38 per cent increase in the 2007–08 fiscal, bolstered by an increase in shipments of coarse cereals like maize, jowar and barley. Foodgrains output touched 230.67 million tonnes (MT) mark, comprising record output of wheat (78.4 MT), rice (96.43 MT) and pulses (15.11 MT). Coarse cereals production was an all-time-high of 40.73 MT, along with oilseeds at 28.82 MT. Since there is a gap between demand for rice and its availability in India, the government has cut the import duty by 80%.Demand for healthier cereal grains is increasing due to changing consumer preferences.

Despite being the largest producer of the largest varieties of cereal grains and pulses, the demand for consumption of is just growing owing to a large increase in population. Processing of cereal grains and pulses has a bright future ahead.

We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. Please select the projects of your interests.

Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analysing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material, formulating the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet etc.

We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics.

Many of the engineers, project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis.

We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.

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NameCapacityCost *Return %
Atta Maida Suji & Wheat Bran (Roller Flour Mill)-0.0045.00
Baby Cereal Food-0.0048.63
Baby Cereal Milk Powder-0.0043.49
Baby Cereal Food-0.0035.00
Corn Oil (Maize Oil)-0.0044.04
Chocos (Ready To Eat Break fast cereal food)-0.0059.14
Corn Flakes-0.000.00
Cube Sugar-0.000.00
Dall Mill-0.0035.00
Dal Mill Unit-0.0048.00
Extraction of Sesame, Rice bran & Palm Oil-0.0067.81
Flour Mill (Disc Machine)-0.000.00
Gram Dal & Flour Mill with Modern Automatic Plant-0.000.00
Gram Dal-0.0037.26
Hard Sugar Candy-0.0044.00
Instant Coffee & Instant Tea (Premixed with Sugar & Milk)-0.0064.00
Khandsari Sugar-0.000.00
Liquid glucose From Maize And Maize Oil-0.0038.00
Liquid Glucose From Maize-0.0057.30
Maize & Its Products-0.0056.71
Maize Cultivation & Its By-Products-0.000.00
Maize Starch-0.0055.86
Mini Sugar Plant-0.0026.00
Modern Rice Mill-0.0046.00
Parboiled Rice Mill-0.0052.78
Processing & Retail Packing of Food Grains, Pulses, Split Pulses, Spices, Pickles-0.000.00
Rice Flake (Poha)-0.0051.25
Rice Flake (Poha)-0.0055.13
Rice and Corn Flakes-0.0060.00
Rice Flakes-0.000.00
Roller Flour Mill (50 MT/Day)-0.0033.30
Starch & Allied Products From maize-0.000.00
Sugar Candy (Mishri)-0.000.00
Sugar Pellets-0.0042.88
Sugar Plant (Crushing 5000 TPD) 0.000.00
Sugar Plant-0.0048.13
Sugarcane Juice Preservation-0.0067.69
Sugar Cubes-0.0054.88
Sugar Candy-0.000.00
Wheat Puff-0.0026.30
Wheat Puff-0.0060.00
Corn Flakes-0.0061.17
Mini Flour Mill-0.000.00
Roller Flour Mill-0.000.00
Corn Oil (Maize Oil)-0.0048.00
Corn Oil (Maize Oil)-0.0048.00
Maize Oil-0.000.00
Rice Bran Oil 0.000.00
Wheat Germ Oil-0.0043.63
Paper from Rice Husk & Wheat Husk-0.000.00
Sugar Cane Wax-0.0041.98
Sugar Cane Wax from Press Mud-0.000.00
Homeopathic Sugar Globules-0.0033.62
Liquid Glucose From Maize And Maize Oil-0.0038.58
Maize Processing for Glucose-0.0057.00
Corn Oil (Maize Oil)-0.0044.04
Cube Sugar-0.0035.08
Dal Mill-0.0052.50
Maize & Its Products-0.0056.71
Maize Cultivation & Its By-Products-0.000.00
Maize Wet Milling Process (14 MT/HR)-0.0030.89
Maize Starch100 MT/Day0.0055.86
Mini Sugar Plant-0.0026.00
Roller Flour Mill (Maida & Suji)20 MT/day0.000.00
Cocoa Beverages Powder in Granules Form 0.000.00
Particle Boards from Agro Waste & Sugarcane Bagasse 0.000.00
Particle Board From Agro Waste & Sugarcane Baggase 0.000.00
Sugar Candy (Mishri) Pearl Type 0.000.00
Organic farming 0.000.00
Food Processing Unit (Pulses & Dates)-0.000.00
Paddy Processing Unit (Rice Mill) -0.000.00
Wheat Germ Oil-0.000.00
Starch from Rice-0.001.00
Fried Gram Dhal Mill-0.000.00
Cleaning, Grading and Packaging of Food Grains (Rice, Wheat, Jowar and Soybean)-0.000.00
Oats Flour-0.000.00
Fruit Powder for Infants and Pregnant Women-0.000.00
Maize Poha- Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue, Plant Layout-0.000.00
Instant Oats and Rolled Oats- Detailed Project Report, Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant-0.000.00
Rice Vitamin Premix Powder- Detailed Project Report, Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant-0.000.00

  • Cost is in Indian Rupee INR '00,000 (hundred thousand/Lakhs)
  • T.C.I is Total Capital Investment
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.
  • Caution: The project's cost, capacity and return are subject to change without any notice. Future projects may have different values of project cost, capacity or return.

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