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Highly Demandable Medicinal Plants Projects

There has been a shift in universal trend from synthetic to herbal medicine recently. It is ancient wisdom that plants have therapeutic value and are used to treat various diseases since Neanderthal age. All ancient civilizations in the world are known to use plants for medicinal purposes. Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicines are well known to the world for their natural ingredients and multiple benefits. Nature has bestowed our country with an enormous wealth of medicinal plants; therefore India has often been referred to as the Medicinal Garden of the world.

Medicinal Plants play an important role in human life to combat diseases since time immemorial. The rural folks and tribals in India even now depend largely on the surrounding plants/forests for their day-today needs. Medicinal plants are being looked upon not only as a source of health care but also as a source of income. The value of medicinal plants related trade in India is of the order of 5.5 billion US dollar (Exim Bank Report-1997) and is further increasing day-by-day. The international market of herbal products is estimated to be US $ 62 billion. India share in the global market of medicinal plants trade is less than 0.5%. In view of the innate Indian strengths, which include diverse eco-systems for growth of medicinal plants, technical/farming capacity, strong manufacturing sector , the medicinal plants sector can provide a huge export opportunity after fulfilling domestic needs.

The Government of India has recently set-up a national level body, the NMPB for the growth and development medicinal plants sector (MPS) in the country. There is a need to streamline and strengthen MPS with a view to promote integrated development by co-ordinating, stimulating production, processing, marketing and establishing a sound infrastructure of the sector in the country. Government of India aims to make the cultivation of medicinal plants and its sustainable management, a people movement.

The varied agro-climate conditions in the India make it suitable for growing a wide range and variety of valuable medicinal plants. The production of medicinal plants being labour intensive generates increased employment opportunities for the farmers particularly the rural masses/tribals and enhances their incomes. Growing medicinal plants is much more remunerative as compared to growing cereals, horticulture crops etc.

The annual turnover of the Indian herbal medicinal industry is about Rs. 7,500 crore as against the pharmaceutical industry’s turnover of Rs. 14,500 crores with a growth rate of more than 15 percent. As per study commissioned by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM), the Indian herbal industry is projected to double to Rs.15, 000 crore by 2015, from the current 7,500 core business. India has a vast and rich resource of herbal raw materials and it can create a niche for itself in the global herbal market if the domestic industry produced quality products of international standards. The apex chamber estimates global herbal industry to grow to Rs 70,000 crore by 2015, more than double from the current level of Rs 30,000 crore.Small-scale players in the sector are likely to witness brighter times ahead.

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PLANTATION OF MEDICINAL PLANT AND HERBS - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities

There are several plants, which when coupled with a health life style, can be of preventive and therapeutic use in susceptible and high risk groups of patients. Hepatoprotective medicinal plants have been quite extensively investigated experimentally but clinical trial in hepatitis or liver cirrhosis are not easy to carry out. Every herbal plants have its own specific use for the production of specific drugs from specific herbs. It has large end use in the pharmaceutical industry. India is richly endowed with a wide range of plant species. Many of these plants possess tremendous medicinal values and being used extensively for such purposes. Indias exports of herbal products and essential oils are currently only around Rs.2000 million each year. There are a large number of well-established manufacturers and dealers of herbal products within the country. The large Indian market absorbs most of the production of Indian firms. There is a fair scope for new entrepreneurs in this field.
Plant capacity: 8 Tons Aloe Vera Leaf / Acre Plant & machinery: Rs. 36 lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: Rs. 149 lakhs
Return: 30.00%Break even: 44.00%
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FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION OF ESSENTIAL OILS AND MEDICINAL PLANT EXTRACTS - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study

It is a distillation in which rectification is used to obtain product as nearly pure as possible. Fractionation is carried out at reduced pressure and usually by distilling the oil alone, without leading the water into the retort or injecting live steam into the oil. This process of dry distillation is widely applied in the essential oil industry today. Citronellal has wide use in the perfumery and fragrance industry. It can also be used for head and tooth aches. Borneol is used in medicines, perfumery, flavouring, and chemical esters. Eucalyptus oil is used mainly for medicinal purposes. It is used as an antiseptic and deodorant inhaled for relieving cough in chronic bronchitis, asthma, catarrhol colds and to prevent infection etc. Vinca rosea alkaloids have been receiving increased interest and significance as starting material for pharmaceutical use. The cultivation of vinca rosea has gained a predominant importance. In view of above facts it can be concluded that there is a good scope for new entrepreneurs to venture into this field.
Plant capacity: 100 KGS/dayPlant & machinery: Rs. 118 lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: Rs. 295 lakhs
Return: 39.00%Break even: 44.00%
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AMLA (Indian gooseberry) PLANTATION - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities

Amla fruit (Indian gooseberry, called amla in Hindi) is a rich source of vitamin C. It is used successfully in the treatment of human scurvy. The vitamin is extracted from dried Amla powder by alcohol absorbed on calcined magnesia and diluted with water saturated with hydrogen sulphide. Dried fruit is useful in hemorrhage, diarrhea and dysentery. In combination with iron, it is used as a remedy for anaemia, jaundice and dyspepsia. A fixed oil extracted from the fruit is reported to have the property of promoting hair growth. Amla is one of the natural fruits having wider application in food as curry, pickles, in cosmetic preparations and many other items. Besides these it has application in Ayurvedic medicines and other several varieties of medicines. To looking its uses a new entrepreneur can find the plantation project profitable.
Plant capacity: 2000 Kgs. / AnnumPlant & machinery: 18 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: 2 Crores
Return: 23.00%Break even: 42.00%
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Aloe Vera Gel and Powder Manufacturing Business

Aloe Vera Gel and Powder Manufacturing Business. Start a Profitable Aloe Vera Processing Industry Aloe Vera is widely used for its healing and restorative properties. It belongs to the liliacea family and has thick green leaves which contain gel and latex. The gel consists primarily of water and the rest includes various vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, minerals and sugars, most of which are found in the human body. Aloe leaves secrete a clear gel that when broken off from the rest of the plant that can be applied topically to heal wounds and soothe skin. Aloe Vera Gel is one of the product prepared from aloe vera itself. Aloe vera Gel has very good medicine for external use for sun burning and pain killer. It has various medicinal values which makes very good commercial value. Aloe Vera gel is widely used in the food industry, cosmetic and toiletries industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Aloe vera gel is a most important product can produce from aloe vera leaves. The item has the both consumer and industrial demand. The gel, which is a colourless and transparent liquid, consists mainly of water. The rest contains several amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, minerals and sugars; most of which are found in the human body. The demand of Aloe Vera gel in the consumer market is driven by its healing and restorative properties, due to which it finds applications in several industries. Apart from this, the other factors contributing to the market growth include scientific research on the health benefits of Aloe Vera based products, rising disposable incomes, supplier innovations. Aloe Vera gel is widely used in the food industry, cosmetic and toiletries industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. According to industry experts, the global aloe vera gel market was worth US$ 465 Million in 2016, growing at a CAGR of around 11% during 2009-2016. The market is growing steadily over the last decade driven by varied and increasing usage of Aloe Vera gel in food, health care, and cosmetic industries. The healthcare and cosmetics sectors are currently the two biggest drivers of Aloe Vera gel consumption. Aloe Vera powder is known for its skin healing properties. It is used for irritated, sunburned, or inflamed skin. Aloe vera powder contains salicylates, which are known to relieve pain. It is also high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other minerals which allow the skin to heal faster. Aloe vera powder helps to make food and other supplements more bio-available to your body. Aloe Vera Powder is composed of the freeze-dried inner "gel" of aloe leaf plant. Aloe vera plants have been used as for the treatment of hepatitis. Spray drying and freeze drying are the most common methods of producing aloe vera powder from gel. Aloe Vera powder is the perfect remedy for sunburned skin. Aloe Vera powder can also be used as an aftershave treatment as it will both hydrate the skin and help heal razor burn and small nicks. Aloe vera powder is less bulky, easier to handle, and less susceptible to spoilage in long term storage, but it is important to ensure the biological activities of the product. Aloe Vera powder can be added to cold process soaps at slight trace to provide the skin with nutrients and healing properties. • Aloe Vera powder can also be added to melt and pour soap while it is melted. • Aloe Vera powder can be added to bath tea formulas. • Aloe Vera powder can be added to bath salt formulas, and scrubs. • Aloe Vera powder can be added to facial mask formulas, and foot treatments. • Aloe Vera powder can be infused and added to lotions, creams, and ointments. • Aloe Vera powder is used in face tonic, body wash, shampoo, conditioner recipes. It is also used in some hemorrhoid cream recipes to reduce inflammation. • Aloe Vera powder can be mixed with water to create a gel. This gel can be applied to burns for pain relief and to promote faster healing. • Aloe vera powder can be used in bath bomb recipes. • Aloe vera powder can be infused in massage oils. Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe vera powder has tremendous demand in the herbal base products area. As there is lot of use of aloe vera and aloe vera Gel in the field of cosmetics, medicines. It has large used since from ancient time. There are many herbal base companies are trying best to explore the market available on the base of aloe and try to best utilization of available aloe. There is good export market of aloe vera Gel and as well as indigenous demand. The aloe vera based product market in Asia Pacific will grow considerably in the forecast period due to the huge demand and the presence of a large number of manufacturers. Increasing awareness and health concern among the consumers, is the key driving factor for aloe vera based product in Asia Pacific. Various innovative products, is driving the aloe vera market in Asia Pacific. Demand for aloe vera product in food industry is expected to grow with a fastest rate in the forecast period. Wide range of applications such as packaged drinking water, low-calorie fruit juice are creating new opportunity. Cosmetics is the largest end user sector of aloe vera product, which accounts India aloe vera products market is projected to surpass $242 million by 2022. Growth is expected to be driven by rising concerns among consumers regarding their health and skin problems, predominantly due to hectic and stressful lifestyles, which is resulting in a shift in consumer preference towards natural alternatives and herbal nutraceuticals. Moreover, growing awareness about consuming a healthy diet that can potentially reduce occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and diabetes, is expected to boost demand for aloe vera products in India over the next five years. Improving lifestyle due to rise in economic factors and increasing awareness about aloe vera mainly in Asia Pacific leads to the growth of aloe vera product market in the region. Increasing demand for aloe vera majorly comes from Asia Pacific which in turn will drive aloe vera market size in the forecast period. Tags Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business, Aloe Vera Gel Production Process, Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business for Beginners, Aloe Vera Processing Plant, How to Make Aloe Vera Gel, Processing of Aloe Vera Leaf Gel, Production Process of Aloe Products, Aloe Vera Processing Machinery Cost, Aloe Vera Processing Plant Project Report, Aloe Vera Gel Making Process, Aloe Vera Powder Manufacturing Process, Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing, Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Plant, Aloe Vera Processing, Aloe Vera Gel Products?, How to Make Aloe Vera Gel from Fresh Aloe Leave, Aloe Vera Gel & Powder, Aloe Vera Farming, How to Start Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business, Aloe Vera Powder Manufacturing, Aloe Vera Farming Business Plan, Production of Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Gel Manufacture, Aloe Vera Products Manufacture, Process for Aloe Vera, Production of Aloe Vera Powder, Aloe Vera Gel & Powder Manufacturing Plant, How to Make Aloe Vera Powder, Aloe Vera Powder Production, Project Report on Aloe Vera Processing Industry, Detailed Project Report on Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing, Project Report on Aloe Vera Powder Production, Pre-Investment Feasibility Study on Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing, Techno-Economic feasibility study on Aloe Vera Powder Production, Feasibility report on Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing, Free Project Profile on Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing, Project profile on Aloe Vera Powder Production, Download free project profile on Aloe Vera Powder Production
Plant capacity: -Plant & machinery: -
Working capital: -T.C.I: -
Return: 1.00%Break even: N/A
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JCB Bucket Pin and JCB Tooth Nuts, Bolt and Pin Bush

JCB range of Excavators is the best-in-class, which includes a wide array of large, mid & mini Excavators in the range of 3 – 38 tonnes. The range of Excavators has been designed to carry out various industrial applications like construction, infrastructure, mining, and roads etc. Backed by innovative technology like Advanced Live Link and dependable after-sales support with JCB Premier Line Solutions, JCB excavators offer excellence in undertaking any application. Mechanical Pins are devices used to hold to objects or materials together. They work by being inserted into a hole, which would prevent the movement of the objects to move perpendicular to the shaft of the mechanical pins. They are most effective by countering a sheer force, which is applied between the two materials or objects. They can be used to keep objects in particularly designed locations and prevent them from moving or slipping out of a desired position. Mechanical pins can vary in diameter, material type, coating type, and whether they are solid or tubular. Each of these characteristics adds to their sheer strength and effectiveness and often determines their appropriate application and use. Construction Industry in India has grown exponentially in the recent past. It would not be wrong to say that the industry is maturing in the process. JCB India on its part has been contributing to it by providing world class construction equipment. To cater to the growing needs of the industry, we have in the last decade expanded our range from a couple of models to 20 models and continue to do so. Since, the Indian conditions are unique, JCB is offering products specific to meet the rigors of Indian terrain and conditions. Specialized attachments such as the sweeper collector, submersible pump, hand held tool circuit, ditch cleaning bucket, etc. have been introduced to bring more mechanization and to tap newer segments. A dedicated design centre is being set up at our Pune facility to strengthen the R&D department. This design center in addition to designing India specific products is also going to customize products from our global portfolio for Indian market. Entrepreneurs who invest in this project will be successful. Few Indian major players are as under Right Tight Fastners Pvt. Ltd. Pooja Forge Ltd. Patton Electro Ltd. Nipman Fastener Inds. Pvt. Ltd. Micron Precision Screws Ltd. Saveta Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Plant capacity: JCB Bucket Pin 42 mm Diameter: 1,666.7 Kgs / Day JCB Bucket Pin Bush : 1,666.7 Kgs / Day JCB Bucket Tooth Nuts & Bolt: 1,666.7 Kgs / DayPlant & machinery: Rs 147 lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: Cost of Project : Rs 418 lakhs
Return: 27.00%Break even: 56.00%
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Manufacturing Business of Blood Collection Tubes (Vacutainer)

Manufacturing Business of Blood Collection Tubes (Vacutainer). Start Your Own Industry of Vacuum Blood Collection Tube. A Vacutainer blood collection tube is a sterile glass or plastic test tube with a colored rubber stopper creating a vacuum seal inside of the tube, facilitating the drawing of a predetermined volume of liquid. Vacutainer tubes may contain additives designed to stabilize and preserve the specimen prior to analytical testing. Tubes are available with a safety-engineered stopper, with a variety of labeling options and draw volumes. Related Projects: - Healthcare and Medical Businesses Vacutainer tubes usually contain some additives to preserve the specimen. As different blood tests measure different substances present within the blood, so the specific test required to be carried out will determine the specific substance that needs to be preserved. Projects:- Project Reports & Profiles Blood collection tubes are sterile test tubes that are made up of glass or plastic. They are used to collect blood specimens for testing. These tubes contain a rubber stopper that creates the vacuum seal inside of the tube, which in turn enables drawing an exact volume of blood from the patient. The blood collection tubes are most commonly used to collect blood samples and can also be used as urine collection tubes and as serum separator tubes. These tubes are essential for diagnostics, in surgeries and for transfusion procedures. Related Books:- Disposable Products (Medical, Surgical, Thermocol, Plastic, Paper, Domestic And General Products) Market Outlook Increasing prevalence of infectious diseases, a mounting number of accident & trauma cases, and non-communicable diseases are the major factors contributing towards the market growth. The vacuum blood collection tube also contains additional constituents that are used for preserving blood for treatment in medical labs. These additives include anticoagulants such as EDTA, sodium citrate, heparin and gel. This tube is mostly used by clinics and labs to store blood for testing processes. Vacuum blood collection tubes are present in different sizes and specimens for testing and other purposes. The demand for safe and reliable equipment for collecting blood and the use for aseptic techniques during the patient care process. Related Videos:- Disposable Products Blood Collection Tubes Market was valued at USD 1.61 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 2.41 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2019 to 2026. Medical devices manufactures have made substantial advancements in the blood collection products. The blood collection tube system make blood draws safer and easier, and there results are more accurate compared to any other blood collection technique. Recent advances in blood collection tube design to support capillary-blood collection are having an extensive impact on the experience of patients and clinicians. These tubes reduces the risk of collection and processing errors while increasing the speed to results. Many such developments to make blood collection process safe and easy opens new avenues in the market. Related projects: - Surgical, Medical Plastics, Medical Disposables, Disposable Medical Products used in Hospitals Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Market: Dynamics The need for blood test in laboratories for identifying various diseases using blood specimens is significant. A vacuum blood collection tube is used to collect and store blood for testing. The growth of the vacuum blood collection tube market depends on blood storage needs and substitutes available. Books:- BOOKS & DATABASES Government subsidiaries and health services are driving the vacuum blood collection tube market. Vacuum blood collection tubes are available in different colors and can be segmented based on their use and application. Growing awareness about importance of health in developed and developing countries will help in the growth of vacuum blood collection tube market. Technological developments in vacuum blood collection tubes are expected to act as a key driver for the growth of the vacuum blood collection tube market. However, low popularity of vacuum blood collection tubes in undeveloped countries might restrain vacuum blood collection tubes’ market growth. Related project:- Investment Opportunities in Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube Production Key Players:- Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd. Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. Kriya Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Narang Medical Ltd Poly Medicure Ltd. Market Research: - Market Research Report Tags:- #BloodCollectionTubes #Vacutainer #BloodCollectionTubeMarket #CollectionTubeProduction #CollectionTubeManufacturing #CollectionTubeBusiness #BloodCollectionMarket #BloodCollection #BloodCollectionIndustry #NewRelease #DetailedProjectReport #businessconsultant #BusinessPlan #feasibilityReport #NPCS #Startupbusinessideas #businessestostart #startupideas #businessstartupindia #StartupBusiness #projectconsultancy #businessconsulting #projectconsultant #InvestmentOpportunities
Plant capacity: -Plant & machinery: -
Working capital: -T.C.I: -
Return: 1.00%Break even: N/A
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  • One Lac / Lakh / Lakhs is equivalent to one hundred thousand (100,000)
  • One Crore is equivalent to ten million (10,000,000)
  • T.C.I is Total Capital Investment
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  • We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.
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