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Biodegradable Sanitary Pad/napkin Industry.

Biodegradable Sanitary Pad/Napkin Industry. Production of Compostable and Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads/Napkin. Manufacturing of Feminine Disposable Hygiene Products. Sanitary napkins are completely biodegradable and compostable. They are made from a plant-based material such as banana fiber which is extracted from the stems of banana trees. The pads degrade within 6 months of disposal. Most of familiar with disposable sanitary pads as often available in drugstores, supermarkets, and so on. However, reusable pads are an eco-friendly alternative to all of that waste. Cloth pads are most similar to sanitary pads, in that you simply put them in your underwear and they absorb your flow. If herbal eco-friendly sanitary pads are used by women, then there is very less risk of skin-related diseases, because in most cases, polymer-made sanitary pads produce rashes on the skin, causing further risk of diseases. Florish pads are made of natural ingredients including Bamboo, banana cotton and biodegradable sap which makes it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Biodegradable pads are of two types – one made of cloth and the other made of biodegradable materials such as bio-plastic or alternatives such as banana. Access to menstrual hygiene is not a privilege it is a basic need and for some women it’s incredibly difficult to accommodate this into their lives. Biodegradable pads seem like the perfect idea and it would be wonderful if they flourish in India in the next few years. The Indian Biodegradable Sanitary napkin market is currently exhibiting healthy growth. Sanitary Napkin, also known as sanitary pad or menstrual pad is a thin or thick pad made up of super absorbent material that absorbs menstrual fluid during menstruation period. They play a key role in the women’s hygiene and overall health. They are available in various shapes and sizes with same effectiveness. These napkins can be of single use or can be reusable. Single use sanitary napkins are either made of non-biodegradable cellulosic fiber and plastics or biodegradable materials such as bamboo fiber, banana fiber, corn starch, water hyacinth, cotton etc. Market Outlook Menstrual hygiene is a subject matter of deep concern in India where women, especially in rural areas face challenges in acquiring hygienic absorbents and develop health risks. Over the years, there has been a significant rise in the awareness levels regarding the benefits offered by biodegradable sanitary napkins. They are environmentally sustainable which can easily be disposed of in natural soil. Moreover, it reduces the chances of infection and skin irritation and they are cost effective as well. On the other hand, non-compostable napkins use chemicals like dioxins, furans, chlorines and fragrances which causes health issues and cannot be recycled and takes hundreds of years to degrade. Looking at this scenario and the non-availability of biodegradable napkins to a large number of women, particularly in rural areas, the government along with a number of social entrepreneurs and NGO’S have launched cost effective and subsidized biodegradable sanitary napkins. Additionally, manufacturers are also focusing on unique marketing strategies and value addition to differentiate their products in order to increase their consumer-base. Increasing awareness to protect the environment is also driving the adoption of biodegradable raw materials in sanitary pads. Factors such as increasing population of working women, growing awareness about female hygiene, and increasing health issues such as skin irritation and rashes are also contributing to the growth of the biodegradable sanitary napkins market across the globe. Non-biodegradable sanitary napkins use chemicals like dioxins, furans, chlorines and fragrances which causes skin problems and create a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, biodegradable sanitary napkins use materials such as banana fiber, corn starch, water hyacinth, organic cotton, etc. which are comfortable, hygienic, cost effective, and has a good capacity to absorb blood adequately. Some of the other factors driving this market include increasing awareness levels, government schemes and programmers, improving distribution networks etc. Factors such as increasing population of working women, growing awareness about female hygiene, and increasing health issues such as skin irritation and rashes are also contributing to the growth of the biodegradable sanitary napkins market across the globe. Over the years, sanitary napkins have gained much prominence in India as the Government and NGO entities have been taking various initiatives and workshops towards educating females about the importance of personal hygiene. Thus, increasing awareness about personal hygiene among females remains one of the primary factors facilitating the growth of the Indian sanitary napkin market. In addition to this, elevating incomes and the availability of sanitary napkins at an affordable price is another factor boosting the market growth. Moreover, the manufacturers are also focusing on unique marketing strategies in order to increase their consumer-base. Further, the market is expected to reach a value of around US$ 631 Million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of more than 6% during 2018-2023. E-commerce and increasing acceptance of sanitary napkins are some emerging trends acting as growth drivers in the market of sanitary napkins. Moreover, several factors like growing awareness about feminine hygiene, and the availability of low cost sanitary napkins in the market (as a result of rising disposable incomes which are making sanitary napkins more affordable) are all expected to harness the growth of the market. Increased government initiatives to promote sanitation and awareness programs encouraging sanitation are also important growth drivers. Key Players of Sanitary Pads/Napkin P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Unicharm, Emami, Ltd., Mankind, Kimberly-Clark, Edgewell, icks, Ariel, Tide, Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Ambipur, Pampers, Pantene, Oral-B, Head & Shoulders, Wella, Duracell, Carmesi, Saathi, Heyday, Anandi, Sakhi, Corman S.p.A.Hygienika Dystrybucja S.A.Drylock TechnologiesBodywise (UK) Ltd.Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.Kimberly Clark CorporationKao Corporation First Quality Enterprises, Inc Edgewell Personal Care Company Millie, and More Pty Ltd, Napco Consumer Products Company Ltd. 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