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Tyre Retreading Business

Tyre Retreading Business. Retread Tire. Start an Automobile Tyre Retreading Industry Retreading tires is the process of restoring old tires so that they can be used in automobiles. The process is technology-driven where the worn-out and damaged threads are replaced with new treads. Tyre retreading can be done using 2 methods – cold process and hot process. Currently in India retreading is done 50% by the organized sector and the remaining 50% by the unorganized sector. Tyre Retreading is a new technology. After applying this method the old tyres become serviceable and usable. The part of the tyre that comes in contact with the surface of the road is known as the tread. The tread is an integral part of the tyre and is responsible for providing traction. New treads are available in the market. In brief, in can be put on an old tyre and cured with the help of steam. Similar to the new tyres, the treated tyres can be very well used on all vehicles, irrespective of light or heavy vehicles. With a safe and new technology, which is being adopted nowadays, it will be more easy and economical to produce tyres. Recently a new technology has been developed called “Precured Tread Rubber Retreading Process” which is commonly known as “Cold Process Retreading”. As in most parts of the world, tyre retreading in India is done extensively for commercial vehicles such as trucks and busses. The primary reason for retreading tyres is to save operational costs as applying a new tread can be done at less than half the cost of a new tyre. With further growth of the economy, there will be an increased numbers of vehicles in transport as well as passenger vehicles and hence more tyres will be required. Hence, there is a very wide scope for retread tyres as an original replacement. The retreading tyre industry for the commercial vehicle segment is poised for growth in India, fuelled by the increase in the number of vehicles, rising tyre costs, the advent of radial tyres, better roads and the introduction of multi-axle heavy duty vehicles. Advantages of Retreading of tyre: There are several advanges of retreading such as: • Retreads are quite safe and are being used in all kind of vehicles nowadays. May it be taxis or trucks, school buses or military vehicles, retreading is being used in all of them. • Retreading is highly environment friendly. When the existing tyres are made ready for further use, the manufactures save landfill space. Also, it reduces carbon dioxide emmission and saves millions of gallons of oil which is required to manufacture new tyres. • There are many economic benefits of retreading as the retreaded tyres are less pricey in comparision with the new ones. This definitely helps to save a considerable amount of money. • Retread process is not responsible for spreading large chunks of rubber on the roads and highways. It happens due to abuses like tyre failure, caused by road hazards, tyre blasts and overloading to both new tyres and retread ones. • They cost almost 30 – 50 % less than the price of a new tire. • It is a low-cost production process – for making the new tires 80% natural rubber is used whereas for retreading only 25% of natural rubber is consumed. • Properly retreaded tires have almost the same life as the new tires. • The investment is comparatively less. The major part of the investment is involved in buying expensive machinery and molds • Retreading extends the life of used tires thus making the entire process of tire making recyclable. Market Outlook Retreading tires is the process of restoring old tires so that they can be used in automobiles. The process is technology-driven where the worn-out and damaged threads are replaced with new treads. Tyre retreading can be done using 2 methods – cold process and hot process. Currently in India retreading is done 50% by the organized sector and the remaining 50% by the unorganized sector. India’s retreading industry is estimated to be worth more than US$ 1 billion (INR 5,000 crore annually) with roughly 20,000 retreaders scattered in the organised and unorganised sector. Retread tire market is forecast to grow from $ 9.6 billion in 2017 to more than $ 11.5 billion by 2023 globally. Though the market witnessed a slight decline during 2013-2017, owing to growing penetration of cheaper Chinese tire, retread tire sales are expected to recover in the coming years backed by growing consumer acceptance of retread tires and rising prices of new tires. Moreover, growing sales of commercial vehicles on account of rising infrastructure development and construction activities across the globe is further anticipated to push demand for retread tires, globally. Additionally, retread tire market is anticipated to be positively influenced by increasing number of technological advancements during the forecast period. The global retread tires market can be segmented on the basis of vehicle type into passenger car, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle and off road vehicle. On the basis of vehicle type, the heavy commercial vehicle segment is anticipated to continue to dominate the global market in terms of value over the forecast period. The demand for retread tires in heavy commercial vehicles is estimated to grow at a relatively high CAGR as compared to other vehicle types over the forecast period. This segment is expected to represent a total incremental opportunity of US$ 2,228.1 Mn between 2018 and 2028. The global retread tires market remains positive and the market value is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period (2018 - 2028). Among the end use segments of the retread tires market, the heavy commercial vehicles segment is expected to expand with a significant CAGR in terms of value as well as volume over the forecast period. Automotive production is expected to be higher in emerging economies as compared to that in developed economies. This can mainly be attributed to increasing urbanization and stable economic conditions in these regions. During the forecast period, the fleet on road is also expected to rise with a modest CAGR, thereby providing marginal opportunities for the growth of the retread tires market over the forecast period. Continuously growing vehicle PARC is another major factor which will increase the demand for replacement of tires and thus, will drive the demand for retread tires. Large fleet owners of commercial vehicles prefer tire remolding to ensure cost effectiveness. Hence, growth in automobile, forestry and construction is expected to create healthy growth opportunities for the retread tires market. Some of the major players operating in retread tire market worlwide are Elgi Rubber Company Limited, INDAG RUBBER LIMITED, MRF PRETREADS, Vipal Borrachas, Marangoni S.p.A., Bridgestone Bandag, LLC, Michelin Retread Technologies, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Midas Rubber India Private Limited and Sun Tyre Industries. Tags #Tyre_Retreading, #Tyre_Retreading_Process, #Retread_Truck_Tyre, Retread Tire, Process of Retreading, Tyre Retreading Process Pdf, #Truck_Tyres_Retreading_Process, Tyre Retreading Industry in India, #Tyre_Retreading_Business, How to Start Tyre Retreading Business in India, Indian Tyre Retreading, Tyre Retreading Industry, Retread Industry in India, How Profitable is Tyre Retreading Business in India? 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