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Cow Urine Distillate/concentrate. Gau Mutra Ark (kamdhenu Ark)

Cow Urine Distillate/Concentrate. Gau Mutra Ark (Kamdhenu Ark). Cow Urine (Gomutra) Processing and Packaging Business Gomutra is important part of Indian tradition. It is not only holy but also has various important medicinal uses. Classical treatises in Ayurved i.e. Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata Samhita has described Ashta mutra (eight types of urine) along with their properties, indication and formulations. Cow urine is one of them. Cow urine is one of the five contents of Panchagavya which obtain from cow (urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung). Cow based treatment is called as Panchagavya Chikitsa (Cowpathy). In this modern era, the diseases related to life style like cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, AIDS etc. are increasing day by day. Irrational use of antibiotics is also responsible for increase in antibiotic resistant infectious diseases. Gomutra (Cow urine) is scientifically proven to act as an immunomodulator along with its bacteriostatic action. Cow urine contains nitrogen, sulphur, phosphate, sodium, manganese, iron, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, maleic, citric, tartaric and calcium salts, vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals, lactose, enzymes, creatinine, hormones and gold acids. Ingredients of cow urine are similar with human body. Hence consumption of cow urine is useful to maintain the balance of these substances and cures incurable diseases. Cow urine (gomutra ark) is the biggest natural detoxicant. It not only kills toxins within the body but is beneficial for treating diseases ranging from obesity to cancer to kidney and liver ailments. Earlier, people used to talk about cow urine only from a religious point of view as there was not enough scientific evidence to substantiate its medicinal value. But now its medicinal value is well documented. Its benefits are scientifically proven. In fact, traces of gold, silver and other metals can be found in the urine of the Gir cows. Cow is considered a sacred or holy in India, particularly, among the Hindus. In Ayurveda, cow urine (also called Gomutra) is claimed to be quite beneficial and is a natural source of many minerals required by the body. The use of cow urine for therapeutic purpose has a long history in Indian culture. Urine of a pregnant cow is considered special and it is claimed that it contains special hormones and minerals. It is used in the treatment of fever by mixing it with black pepper, yoghurt, and ghee. Cow urine is also said to be helpful in treatment of peptic ulcer, asthma and certain liver ailments. A mixture of gomutra and dharuharidra is used for treating epilepsy. Cow urine is also used as sprays for pest control both in houses as well as for agriculture. In addition to that, there are cosmetic products like soaps and shampoos that are made from cow urine. Cow urine is also used in Myanmar and Nigeria as a folk medicine. To witness the exponential demand of cow urine for religious purposes, to "kill negative energy" or for cow urine therapy, one only needs to go to the nearby grocery store, where you are sure to find bottles of cow urine tucked away in the shelves, along with juices and nutritional drinks. Keeping in tandem with the rising demand, cow urine is being sold for upto Rs 30 per litre in Rajasthan. Cow urine is fetching dairy farmers more than what they get for milk. Urine of high-breed cows such as Gir and Tharparkar is being sold at Rs 15-Rs 30 per litre, while a litre of milk only gets them something between Rs 22 and Rs 25. Used in Ayurvedic treatment of cancer and leprosy. Anaemia can be treated using a mixture containing Triphala (Ayurvedic herbal rasayana formula made of three equal parts of Bibhitaki, Haritaki and Amalaki), Cow milk and Gomutra. The mixture is known as Mahayograj Guggul. It is used in the treatment of fever. A mixture that contains Gomutra along with ghee, yoghurt and black pepper is used. Sore throats can be treated by gargling a mixture of cow urine distillate along with honey and turmeric powder. The cow urine market is estimated to be as big as $1 billion. Products for general sanitization such as floor cleaning lotions have been developed by many promoters using gomutra. Fitness products like health drinks, body lotions for skin care, etc. containing cow urine are available in the market. Currently, cow urine enjoys a billion USD market and fetched fortune for lakhs of cattle farmers, entrepreneurs and practitioners of cowpathy and Ayurveda. Addition of new consumer products from this raw material would continue with more and more innovations happening in this field. India will surely lead the world in bringing the full benefits of cow urine to humanity in the near future! There are more than 50 units processing cow urine in India. That cow urine is in demand not just in India, but around the world, became evident recently when health authorities in London raised objections to shopkeepers placing cow urine concentrate on shelves next to food items. The gaushala cows don’t produce much milk – but they do produce lots of urine. With well-to-do believers ready to pay good money for well-packaged, well-distributed products, producers are now getting organized. 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