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Surgical Disposable Hospital Apparel Manufacturing Industry

Surgical Disposable Hospital Apparel Manufacturing Industry. Production of Disposable Medical Clothing, Surgeon Gowns, Patient Gowns, Bed Sheets, Drapes, Surgeon Caps and Sheets. Disposable Medical Apparel Manufacturing Business Surgical apparel is used to provide optimal level of protection by reducing the transfer of bacteria from the skin to the surgical staff. Surgical apparel is also known as surgical clothing. Some of the surgical appeals are surgical gloves, face masks, head wear, scrub suits, chemotherapy gowns, foot wear, drapes and surgical gowns. Surgical apparel is essential as there are always microorganisms on the skin even after conducting sterilization procedure and strict hygiene. Surgical apparels protect bacteria from entering the surgical wound. Surgical apparels also protect healthcare staff from bodily fluids, blood, saline, urine and other chemicals during surgical procedure. Surgical Gowns Surgical gowns are medical products. Surgical gowns are unique attire worn by either patients or doctors/surgeons who are scheduled to undergo/perform some form of invasive medical treatment; these gowns can typically found in hospitals, health care facilities, and certain first-aid stations. The utility of a sterile surgical gown serves both patient and physician; many doctors find the gown highly compatible for the easy listening of lungs and heart function (due to the thin material typically made of cotton that comprise the average gown). For doctors, surgical gowns protect them from potentially infectious biomaterial while simultaneously preventing anything from the surgeon team infecting the patient. In terms of form, surgical gowns are short-sleeved and distinctively colored (to identify the wearer as a patient), and often when dealing with hazardous substances can be disposable (made of plastic or paper instead of cotton) to avoid proliferation of biohazards. Surgical Drapes Surgical drapes are used in operative room during surgery to cover patient’s body to eliminate the risk of surgical site contamination by separating the surgical site from the remaining part of the patient’s body, as well as from non-sterile areas of the surgical table. Surgical drapes are offered in different shapes sizes as well as therapy wise. Surgical drapes are the indispensable part of operating room and used for several applications from protecting the patient body to covering utilities. Demand for surgical drapes is increasing due to rising number of surgeries worldwide, increasing focus on infection control and rising awareness about hygiene. Surgical drapes are available in different shapes, ranges, and sizes. Surgical drapes are used for several applications from securing the patient body to covering utilities. Operations and medical examination needs isolation of the surgical site from the remaining patient body parts to prevent them from getting affected. Surgical Bed Sheets The Disposable Bed Sheets are ideal for use within medical and care facilities where there are large quantities of patients, or for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence. These Bed Sheets are quick and easy to both put on and remove from the bed when needed. Surgeon Caps Surgeon caps are widely used by most of the leading surgeons of various leading medical institutions. These caps are most commonly used by surgeons at time of surgeries to cover the head. The Disposable Surgeon Caps are comfortable and stay in place with simple tie backs. The Disposable Surgeon Caps provide a protective layer between the patient and medical professional during surgical procedures, as well as other processes that may require additional protective layering for the clinician. It promotes hygienic and sanitation practices in a hospital or clinical setting. Market Outlook Surgical Gowns Increasing number of surgeries is a major factor contributing to the revenue growth of the surgical gowns market across the globe. A rapidly growing aging population in the world is also responsible for the increased number of surgeries, not only in developed regions but also in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa region due to the rise in per capita income. By product type, the disposable surgical gowns segment dominated the global surgical gowns market in revenue terms in 2016 and is projected to continue to do so throughout the forecast period. Disposable surgical gowns segment is the most attractive segment, with an attractiveness index of 5.0 over the forecast period. Owing to the higher protection levels provided by disposable surgical gowns, these type of surgical gowns are expected to have significant adoption over reusable surgical gowns and thus exhibit comparatively higher growth over the forecast period. The reusable surgical gowns segment is expected to be the second most lucrative segment in the global surgical gowns market, with an attractiveness index of 1.4 over the forecast period. Owing to the higher protection levels provided by disposable surgical gowns, reusable surgical gowns are expected to have lesser adoption over disposable surgical gowns and thus exhibit comparatively lower growth over the forecast period. The market is expected to reach USD 3.14 Billion by 2023 from USD 2.47 Billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 4.9%. Factors such as the increasing number of surgeries and the growing incidence of hospital-acquired infections is driving the growth of this market. Factors driving the growth of this segment include increasing adoption of surgical drapes in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, rising number of surgeries owing to the increasing incidences of chronic diseases, and increasing demand for prevention from surgical site infection. Surgical Drapes The global surgical drapes market exhibit the presence of several tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 companies. Some of the prominent companies operating in the global surgical drapes market have resorted to strategies such as product differentiation, aggressive pricing, and product upgrades to buoy competitive strength. Besides these, several companies are forging distribution partnerships aimed at reached wider audiences, thereby expanding their regional and global footprint. Demand for surgical drapes is increasing due to rising patient pool, growing awareness about spread of infection, rising hygiene awareness, and technological innovation. Increasing prevalence of diseases is driving demand for more technologically efficient products. By end user, the surgical drapes and gowns market is segmented into hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and other end users. The hospitals segment is expected to grow at highest CAGR during the forecast period. Factors such as the rising number of patients suffering from chronic diseases, increasing number of surgeries, and improving healthcare infrastructure are driving the growth of this segment. Surgical Apparel Market The global surgical apparel market was valued at around USD 2,015.60 million in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately USD 2,966.58 million by 2024, growing at a CAGR of around 5.80% between 2018 and 2024. The Surgical apparel market is anticipated to witness significant growth within the forecast period. The market is mainly driven by growing demand for protection against clinical hazards. The apparel market is growing towards the high value-added product in medical uses. Technological advancement in the field of healthcare is considerable for the rising number of surgeries which also increases the use of surgical apparels. Growing concern about patient’s protection is also expected to boost the growth of the surgical apparel market during the forecast period. Government regulations on the quality and the price of the products may hinder the global surgical apparel market growth over the forecast period. Disposable apparels made of various non-woven materials which prevent the contamination through dry or wet contact. Depend on product type surgical apparel market is classified into gown, scrubs, gloves, caps, shoes, and others. Growing concern about patient’s protection is also expected to boost the growth of the surgical apparel market during the forecast period. Government regulations on the quality and the price of the products may hinder the global surgical apparel market growth over the forecast period. By geography, the surgical apparel market is mainly segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. Among the aforementioned regions, Asia Pacific surgical apparel market is anticipated to be the fastest growing market between 2018 and 2024. The emerging economies of the region including China, India, etc. are a major market for surgical apparels and are growing at a rapid rate over the forecast period. 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