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Bioplastic Carry Bags And Garbage Bags Production

Bioplastic Carry Bags and Garbage Bags Production. Biodegradable, Compostable and Eco-Friendly Carry Bags and Trash Bags Manufacturing Business Polyethylene is one of the most common forms of plastics used in protective packaging materials. As biodegradable bags are introduced onto the market, polyethylene can soon be completely replaced. Biodegradable bags are typically made out of cornstarch and other natural materials. The use of biodegradable plastic could come in easily for the use of carrying goods rather than as a primary package. A wider use of such bio degradable materials will make them commercially viable. Compostable plastic bags dominate the market for biodegradable plastics in Europe. They not only carry goods and biowaste but also the hopes of the bioplastics industry for huge markets in years to come. The global bio plastics market was US$19.54 bln in 2016 and is estimated to reach US$65.58 bln in 2022 at an estimated CAGR of 22.36% for the forecasted period. In the year 2012, the global bio plastics production capacity was approximately 1.3 mln tons of which Asia Pacific region accounted for largest share. By 2020, Asia Pacific region is projected to be the largest consumer of bio plastics globally followed by North America and Europe. Eco-friendly initiatives by corporates and abundant availability of raw materials for manufacturing bio plastics are prominent factors driving growth in Asia Pacific bio plastics market. Europe and North America are expected to dominate the overall market of biodegradable packaging. North America is expected to be the largest consumer of the biodegradable packaging market. The developed regions are expected to dominate the overall biodegradable packaging market owing to the presence of mature markets that consist of highly environmental conscious consumers. In addition, the presence of high-spending population is also expected to increase the overall demand for biodegradable packaging in the developed regions. The presence of large populations in Asia Pacific is expected to boost the biodegradable packaging market. Owing to the increase in the contract manufacturing process coupled with increased governmental interest to promote biodegradable products by providing incentives in some countries such as China and India is further expected to contribute to the growth of the market. The wide versatility of the use of plastics in bags and sacks and their inadequate disposal have added to the vastly rising pollution problem of traditional, petroleum-based plastics world over. Made from a variety of all-natural plant materials such as polylactic acids (PLAs), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), and corn, biodegradable bags and sacks also contain additives to facilitate degradation and hence pose lesser impact on the ecology in general and marine life in particular. These bags are being preferred over conventional plastic products, notably for the food packaging and fast-moving consumer goods. Furthermore, the use of biodegradable plastics is found to be promising in addressing the problem of plastics pollution in several developed and emerging countries, which is expected to catalyze the growth of the market. The substantial demand for ecofriendly and reusable plastic sacks and bags in the retail industry is a prominent factor bolstering the adoption of these bags. The declining price of key raw materials used in making biodegradable plastics in several countries is likely to bode well for the market. Currently, the bio-plastics carrier bags market is witnessing high demand across various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, health and personal care as they come in a wide range of attractive designs and shapes. Increasing consumer demand for the eco-friendly plastic carrier bags has led the plastic manufacturers to shift from traditional plastic bags to bio-plastic carrier bags. Another significant factor that drives the bio-plastic carrier bags market is the re-usability characteristic which is highly preferred by the consumers. Government initiative towards purchasing eco-friendly solutions have further fueled up the demand for bio-plastic carrier bags market. Bio-plastic carrier bags market is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period because of its increasing usage in various industries as well as by the consumers. Bioplastic Garbage Bag A garbage bag is a material utilized for the collection, storage, disposal, and handling of garbage. In addition, disposable bags find vast applications among transportation and distribution of garbage. These bags are produced by different materials such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polythene (HDPE), recycled polythene, liner blend polythene, woven polypropylene, biodegradable polythene, and co-extruded plastic bags. In addition, these bags effectively reduce dependency on oil, thereby providing domestic solution to plastic film manufacturers. They are designed as per FDA and USDA specifications, and are therefore hygienic, leak proof, lightweight, durable, portable, offer resistance to air & water, meet, and can be recycled. Therefore, disposable garbage bags wide are widely used in households, colleges, offices, shops, restaurants, hospitals, and industries. Compostable trash bags are a great way to transport compostable and food waste to the compost facility. Many companies now offer so called biodegradable trash bags that are actually not biodegradable. There is recent university research that evaluated the various additives added to the plastic to supposedly make so-called biodegradable garbage bags compostable. As it turns out, the additives are ineffective. What happens is the bags break down into tinier pieces that are then ingested by fish. Increase in disposable income and rise in purchasing power of consumers have fueled the demand for convenient and cost-effective garbage bags for collecting waste, which fuel the market growth. Moreover, rise in demand for premium garbage bags owing to their stretchable strength and odor control properties propels the market growth. However, implementation of stringent regulations and taxation over the use of plastic bags to mitigate the harmful effects on the environment are expected to restrain the market growth. 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