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Profitable Business Ideas In Invert Sugar Syrup Manufacturing Industry

Profitable Business Ideas in Invert Sugar Syrup Manufacturing Industry. Production of Sweeteners (Inverted Sugar Syrup) The invert sugar syrups or invert sugars are chemically made up of a mixture of glucose and fructose. These products are known to have greater digestibility than the commonly used table sugar. Due to their unique properties, invert sugar syrups have been used extensively in the food and beverage industry. The appearance of the invert sugar syrups is transparent and sometimes yellow-brown and sticky consistency. The properties like providing extra sweetness, texturizing properties, etc. have provided an extra edge for invert syrup sugars over other natural sugars. They are also a potent substitutes for honey and sucrose. Uses & Application: Invert syrup is used to keep product moist, extending except able shell life of products. • It can be used to slow down the crystallization that may occur. • Thus the main uses of Invert sugar are in: Food and Confectionery Industry Bakeries & Biscuits - It can be used for carmellisation, enhancement of flavour and texture improvement. Bread, Cakes & Pastries - Invert sugar improves the quality of the crust and makes the bread crumb softer. Yeast activation also becomes faster. Fruit Processing - When used for fruit processing, invert sugar increases the shelf life due to good humectants properties. It also enhances taste and flavor. Honey - Invert sugar can be used for bee feeding and can be blended with honey. Chemically and physically it has the same properties as honey. Herbal Cosmetics - As invert sugar restricts bacterial activity and is a chemically purer replacement of honey, it can be used in herbal cosmetics. Squashes, lemonade and instant energy drinks - Because of the glucose and fructose content, invert sugar provides instant energy and better taste. Brewing Industry The cane sugar stresses the yeast when it is used in brewing and that's why invert sugar is used in brewing industry. It's a simple sugar and it can be broken down easily. Humectant Invert syrup has a high affinity for water, so invert syrup (a ‘humectants’) is often used to keep products moist and extend their shelf life. This additional moisture retention is especially important in low fat baked goods such as cakes, soft cookies and bread rolls, since these products can become dry and stale much quicker than their full fat counterparts. All inverted sugar syrups are created from hydrolysing sucrose to glucose (dextrose) and fructose by heating a sucrose solution, then relying on time alone, with the catalytic properties of an acid or enzymes used to speed the reaction. Commercially prepared acid catalysed solutions are neutralised when the desired level of inversion is reached. All constituent sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose) support fermentation, so invert sugar solutions may be fermented as readily as sucrose solutions. Invert sugar has a lower water activity than that of sucrose, so it provides more powerful preserving qualities (a longer shelf life) to products that use it. The shelf life of partial inverts is approximately six months, depending on storage and climatic conditions. Crystallised invert sugar solutions may be restored to their liquid state by gently heating. Invert sugar syrup is now being used by over 200 units in India. This trend will continue to grow in coming years. The biggest benefit which Pharma industries get is that by purchasing it from external vendors there is a drastic reduction in their cost, a consistent quality and better utilization of resources. The reason Invert Sugar is added to syrups (like cough syrups) is mainly for flavour enhancement. It also gives a consistent viscosity and smoothness to the solution. Invert sugar is also known for enhancing shelf life of the products it’s mixed in, therefore it is an ideal mixing solution to neutralize the bitter flavour of medical drugs. With increasing awareness of medical treatment in India and a growing middle class, the need for medical treatments has gone up substantially. The new units find it impossible to manufacture everything in-house, and therefore depend on external quality vendors for lot of ingredients that they use, by doing this they can focus on their core competence of manufacturing drugs only and not worry about the itsy-bitsy things. The popularity of Invert Sugar has also been seen in industries like Bakery, Distillery and Honey Syrup manufacturers. On the basis of end use, invert sugar syrups market is segmented as food industry, beverage industry, personal care, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and others. The others segment mostly includes the distilleries, tobacco and the feed industry. The food industry is further segmented as bakery, confectionary, frozen desserts, honey processing and others. The beverage industry is further segmented as fruit juices, energy drinks, soft drinks and others. The invert sugar syrups are mainly used for caramel and chocolate fillings and to enhance the quality of biscuit and cookie crusts. Due to its unique flavor and texturizing properties, developing niche confectionary products is a good opportunity for the growth of the invert sugar syrups market. The awareness amongst consumers that invert sugar syrups have been known to promote obesity may retard the growth of the invert sugar syrups market. The growing demand for other natural and artificial sweeteners may suppress the growth of the invert sugar syrups market. Hence, educational marketing regarding the unique benefits of the invert sugar syrups may retain its existing market share in the sweetener market. The inverted sugar syrup segment is expected to grow at a faster rate comparatively due to its extensive application in non-alcoholic refreshing beverages. The major producer of the invert sugar syrups market is Europe, owing to the presence of a large number of international companies. Europe remains one of the top exporters of the invert sugar syrups. The production and export of these products have also been dominated by countries like China and Indonesia due to the availability of raw materials and hence, Asia Pacific has also been an important contributor of the invert sugar syrups market. In the Asia Pacific, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines also have significant shares in the invert sugar syrups market. North America and Latin America exhibit a fairly steady growth over the forecast period. The consumption of maple syrup in this region has influenced the growth of the invert sugar syrups market. The Middle East and Africa region have shown a decline in the past decade and the growth of the invert sugar syrups market remains stagnant over the forecast period. 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