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Demand For Potato Flakes Is On The Rise

Demand for Potato Flakes is on the Rise. How to Start Potato Flakes Factory. Profitable Food, Agriculture Manufacturing Business Idea. Potato Processing for Production of Flakes Potato flakes are flat chunks of dehydrated mashed potato. Potatoes are cooked and mashed, then crushed by rollers on the surface of a drum. The mashed potato is fast-dried until its humidity reaches the desired level, then the layer of dried, mashed potato is scraped from the drum. This sheet is broken up by a mill sifter, and the resulting flakes are then packed. These flakes are the main ingredient in pre-mashed potato sold in food stores, and are also an important ingredient in other food products. The flakes are very easy to rehydrate: the potato starch retains its considerable absorbency, because the flakes are produced by dehydrating them in one quick phase. They are also used in commercially available products, like instant mashed potatoes, croquettes, pasta and fabricated snacks. As a thickener, they enhance creamy frozen desserts, gravies and chocolate milk. Like other dehydrated potato products, they extend the shelf life of baked goods. India is a very insignificant player in the global trade of dehydrated potato products. The exports of dehydrated products from India are only to neighboring countries in form of dehydrated slices, dehydrated chips, powder, etc. manufactured by small scale units Potato flakes are most often used as an ingredient in manufactured snacks or bakery foods. After wheat, rice and maize, potato is the most important food crop in the world. It contributes to almost 50% of the total tuber and root crop production. Potato has a good food value as compared to other staple food crops as it is rich in carbohydrates and also contain proteins, minerals like calcium and potassium and vitamins like vitamin C. One of the world's major food crops is potato, which produces a high amount of edible energy. Potato is a rich source of vitamin, iron, potassium and dietary fibre. Potato flakes, on the other hand, was derived by dehydrating the potato, so that it can be used in a various application and the nutrients present in a potato can be incorporated in various food products. The potato flakes are light and are very easy to digest. The potato flakes are also used as a replacement for various flour such corn flour, wheat flour etc. In a country such as India, potato flakes are used for various Indian delicacies like aloo bonda, fillings for samosa, dosa, aloo bhujia, aloo paratha, etc. Because of the earthy flavour of potato flakes are also used in baked goods such as bread, cakes, muffins etc. Potato flakes are widely used in the processing and manufacturing of the convenience foods, frozen foods, prepared foods for it flour thickening, oil and water-holding, incremental filling, Shell making and so on. The storage and transportation of the potato flakes are safe, the cost is low, and shelf life is longer. Using the potato flakes to replace the fresh potato will greatly simplify the production process; reduce the cost and increase productivity. The storage and transportation cost of the potato flakes are far lower than the fresh potatoes. Potato flakes have a vast application and through experiments new uses of potato are being developed. The product is generally used for the following end uses: • Instant Mashed Potatoes - The flakes are mixed with warm milk or water for making instant mashed potatoes which is one of the common items for a continental breakfast. • Extruded and other Snacks - Fabricated snacks (Pringle, Potato sticks), Croquettes, Pasta • Bakery Industries - Used as anti-stalling agent to slow the drying effect and to improve crust colour • Meat Processing - In recipes like minced mutton balls, fish cutlets, meat/chicken nuggets etc. Potato flakes are used as extender and binder • As Thickener - Creamy frozen desserts, gravies and chocolate milk • Soups & Premixes - As a thickener in ready to use soup powders, gravies and other food premixes • Formed Products - Patties, Cutlets etc. • Instant Noodles etc. - For instant noodles, dried powdered mixes for sauces and stews. In India potato is used for wide varieties of food which are quite different from other countries. The application of potato flakes has been developed successfully for a number of products and culinary experts are continuing their efforts in developing many more applications. In International market Potato flakes is used as an ingredient in industries like Bakery, Fish, Meat, Snack food, dried instant soup, baby food, etc. and by all chips and french fries producing industries like Baked Lay (Frito Lay, USA), RAS Potato Mash (Rixona B.V., Holland), Pringles (Procter & Gamble) etc. Potato flakes market is segmented on the basis of packaging, end use, distribution channel, nature, and region. On the basis of packaging, the market is segmented into retail packaging and bulk packaging. Bulk packaging is mostly purchased by restaurants and hotels, whereas retail packaging is more purchased by the consumers for their household. The demand for potato flakes is more from the common consumers as potato flakes can be used as a thicking agent, which adds up the volume to soups, stews, sauces, and broths. On the basis of nature, the potato flakes market is segmented into organic and conventional. The demand for organic potato flakes is on the rise, owing to rising number of health-conscious people across the globe. Consumer’s increasing demand for ready-to-eat snack foods which is easy to digest is playing a key role to drive the potato flakes market in the forecast period. Increasing opportunities in hotels and restaurant is also a key factor which is driving the global potato flakes market. Potato flake-based food products have a rich amount of fibre content which helps in the reduction of body fat. Potato flakes are very popular among old age people as it is very easy to digest, this factor is boosting the growth of potato flakes to a great extent. The potato flakes have an increased shelf life which does not affect the quality of the final product, which is also another key driving factor for the growth of potato flakes market. As potato flakes is a rich source of vitamin c, it helps to boost the immunity of the body. Furthermore, it contains flavonoid which keeps the level of bad cholesterol low, these factors are also going to drive the potato flakes market to a significant extent in the forecast period. Dehydrate potato product market is segmented by form as dehydrated potato dices, dehydrated potato flakes, dehydrated potato shreds, dehydrate funeral potato, dehydrated potato gems, and gratin. Dehydrated potatoes have long shelf life and are available in the global market. People love to eat ready-to-eat dehydrate potato products as snacks. Dehydrate potato products have a very good taste and take less to time to cook. Dehydrate potato product market is segmented by type of dehydrate potato as Fries, low-fat fries, low-salt fries, red skin potato, baked dehydrate potatoes. Dehydrate potato fries are the most preferred type of dehydrate potato product and most consumed type of dehydrate potato product followed by baked potato, red skin potato, and other types. Dehydrate potato product market is growing at a good pace and is likely to hit good number in the future. Tags Potato Flakes Processing, Potato Flakes Making Plant, Potato Processing, How to Manufacture Potato Flakes, Potato Flakes Manufacturing Plant, Potato Flakes Manufacturing Plant, Process for Making Dehydrated Potato Flakes, Potato Processing for Flakes, Potato Flakes Production, Production of Food Potato Flakes, Potato Flakes Industry in India, Process for Producing Dehydrated Potato Flakes, Pre-Feasibility Study for Potato Flakes, Dehydrated Potatoes, Production of Potato Flakes, How to make Dehydrated Potato Flakes? 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