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Epoxy Resin - Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery, Raw Materials, Feasibility Study, Investment Opportunities, Cost And Revenue, Plant Economics

The seed of Modern Epichlorohydrin (ECH)-Diphenyl-Propane (DPP) based epoxy resins was first shown by Castan, a Swiss chemist. His patents were licensed to CIBA A.G. of Bosle. In 1946, an industrial Fair was organized in Switzerland. This Swiss company demonstrated the use of an epoxy resin adhesive namely resin coatings. The epoxy resins have steadily grown in their use in the plastics and related industries due to the variety of forms in which they may be processed. As thermosetting materials, they are cured or cross-linked by the addition of a hardener to the original liquid resin. The repeating molecular structure is attached to terminal molecular groups as curing taken place. Epoxy Resins are now produced in most of the developed countries of the world. But in India, although this item was introduced in late fifties, but indigenous production started in late sixties. The wide and highly useful spectrum of properties exhibited by cured epoxy resins has identified them to be the most superior, unique and extremely versatile synthetic/resins. No other synthetic resins than epoxy resins have got so many extremely useful properties together. ECH and DPP are the basic raw materials necessary for the manufacture of Epoxy Resin. Though DPP is manufactured in the country, but still today ECH is to be imported. As the raw materials are very costly, hence, the cost of production is high in comparison with other resins. Moreover, the commercial Introduction of this resin in this country was much later than the others; as such the industries are not thoroughly acquainted with its various possible uses. The trail of its applications to various industrial uses is still under process. In course of time, after being thoroughly aware of its performance and reliability, which will justify the better economics of its application inspire of its higher cost, it will conquer its own market on its own merits, which is further evident from the facts that the consumption in the country is gradually increasing as the days are rolling on. The present installed capacity of 750 tonnes has further been supplemented by 900 tonnes for which letter of intent have already been issued. The industries in the country at present are still conscious about its price while accepting it, without judging the merits of its applications. The manufacture of epoxy resin has started in the country during late sixties. The existing manufacturer started their production with foreign technical collaboration and as such the technology of manufacture has been well developed in the country; the existing manufacturers are producing quality products, even they are on the verge of starting exports now a days. As such the technical knowhow may be arranged from indigenous source. Epoxies used in composites are mainly glycidyl ethers and amines. Epoxies are generally found in marine, automotive, electrical and appliance application. The high viscosity in epoxy resins limits its use to certain processes such as molding, filament winding and hand lay-up. The right curing agent should be carefully selected because it will affect the type of chemical reaction, pot life and final material properties. Although epoxies can be expensive, it may be worth the cost when high performance is required. Uses The use of epoxy resins in various fields is summarized according following steps: 1. Epoxy resins in surface coatings. 2. Epoxy resins in electrical and electronic industry. 3. Epoxy resin as adhesives. 4. Epoxy Resins as laminates. 5. Epoxy resins in Building and civil engineering. 6. Other miscellaneous uses, e.g. tooling model making jigs and fixture, founding pattern etc. 7. Epoxy resins are used in powder coatings (recent development). 8. Aerospace applications 9. Biology 10. Art 11. Marine Applications Market Survey In India only few companies are manufacturing epoxy resins and their production is not sufficient to meet the growing demand. The demand is mainly met by imports from either country, Germany. F.R.P. Japan, Netherland, U.K., Belgicem U.S.A. etc. Epoxy resin due to its unique bonding characteristics, chemical resistance to acids, alkalies etc.; high electrical insulation property etc. has established its viability in use for different industrial and domestic purpose. This type of combination of properties is not found with any other simple plastic materials. However, industries are not so well acquainted with its unique merits and hence the application is still limited in the country. The high-performance thermosetting agents are used in coatings, electrical-electronic laminates, adhesives, flooring and paving applications and composites. From the market research on Epoxy Resins, Asia-Pacific represents the fastest growing regional market for epoxy resins, with volume sales in the region waxing at a CAGR of more than 7.0% over the analysis period. Strong demand for epoxy resins in China, particularly from the country’s robust electronics and electrical appliances industry and consistent use of epoxy resins in the production of dope, composite materials and adhesives in the region make Asia-Pacific the most prominent market for epoxy resins. Paints and Coatings represents the largest end-use market of epoxy resins, while Electrical Laminates represents the fastest growing end-use market for epoxy resins with volume sales from this segment projected to grow at a CAGR of about 7.3% over the analysis period. Major players in the marketplace include 3M, Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd., Air Products and Chemicals Inc, Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation, Cognis Benelux BV, DuPont EI De Nemours & Co, Emerald Performance Materials, LLC, Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc, Huntsman Corporation, Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd., Mitsui Chemicals Inc., Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, RBC Industries Inc., Reichhold Inc., Spolchemie A.S., Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd., The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Epoxy, UPPC GmbH, among others. The analysts forecast the Global Epoxy Resins market to grow at a CAGR of 7.36 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing demand for epoxy resins in the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The Global Epoxy Resins market has also been witnessing an increase in product innovation and R&D activities. The worldwide market for Epoxy Resins is slated to reach 3.03 million tons by the year 2017. Demand for these resins exhibits a cyclical pattern with consumption falling during recession and picking up during an economic boom. Future growth for epoxy resin is forecast to stem exclusively from emerging economies of Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The region is also forecast to display the overall fastest CAGR of about 7.6 percent through 2017, stemming from robust growth in the construction and automotive sectors in China and India. By end-use segment, the paints and coatings market registered largest market gains, sustained by heavy demand from solvent-based paints and coatings sector. Few Indian Major Players are as under 3M India Ltd. Asian Paints Ltd. Avikem Resins Ltd. Beepee Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Berger Paints India Ltd. Chemtreat Composites India Pvt. Ltd. Cibatul Ltd. Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd. Cray Valley Resins India Pvt. Ltd. Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Ltd. Dhunseri Polycarbonate Ltd. Dujodwala Paper Chemicals Ltd. Elantas Beck India Ltd. F C L Technologies & Products Ltd. Filaments India Ltd. Futura Polyesters Ltd. Futura Polymers Ltd. G N P (Madras) Ltd. G O M Industries Ltd. Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd. Hardcastle & Waud Mfg. Co. Ltd. Indian Plastics Ltd. J B A Printing Inks Ltd. Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd. Karnataka Petrosynthese Ltd. Micro Inks Ltd. Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd. Noble Polymers Ltd. Pearl Engineering Polymers Ltd. Polymer Papers Ltd. Pragati Chemicals Ltd. Rainbow Ink & Varnish Mfg. Co. Ltd. Resins & Plastics Ltd. Saurashtra Paints Ltd. Sen Pet (India) Ltd. South Asian Petrochem Ltd. Spectrum Alkyd & Resins Ltd. Sreechem Resins Ltd. Valspar (India) Coatings Corpn. Pvt. Ltd.
Plant capacity: 300 MT/AnnumPlant & machinery: Rs. 24 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: Cost of Project: Rs 97 Lakhs
Return: 48.00%Break even: 35.00%
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