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Milk Processing (flavoured Milk (chocolate), Milk In Pouches, Curd, Flavoured Yogurt, Ghee, Paneer & Butter)- Manufacturing Plant, Detailed Project Report, Profile, Business Plan, Industry Trends, Market Research, Survey, Manufacturing Process, Machinery

Milk is the normal product of mammary gland secretion. Milk is a complex, nutritious product that contains more than 100 substances that are either in solution, suspension or emulsion in water. The fat and fat soluble vitamins in the milk are in the form of an emulsion; that is, a suspension of small liquid globules that do not mix with the water in milk; Lactose (milk sugar), some proteins (whey protien), mineral salts and other substances are soluble; that is, they are entirely dissolved in the water in milk. Extremes of temperature, acidity (pH) or contamination by microorganisms can rapidly decrease its quality. Milk is a highly perishable product that should be cooled to about 40 degree Celsius as soon as possible after collection. Extremes of temperature, acidity (pH) or contamination by microorganisms can rapidly decrease its quality. Many population groups in Asia and Africa cannot or can hardly consume milk because of so called lactose intolerance. Dairy products in which a proportion of the milk sugar is converted during production, such as cheese, curd, yoghurt and sour milk or buttermilk, do not cause many problems in this respect. Uses & Applications of Milk Milk is used as a complete food for infant. It is used to prepare curd, butter, ghee, cream and ice cream etc, Milk is used in all homes & also used in hotels and restaurants as milk food preparation and in the preparation of tea. New uses of milk are: it makes frozen fish tastes fresh, tarnished silverware will look new if sour milk is polished on it. It softens skin too, and cleans patent leather. It can remove ink stains from clothes too. It is also furniture Cleaner and polisher. Market Survey Dairying has become an important secondary source of income for millions of rural families and has assumed the most important role in providing employment and income generating opportunities. Government of India is making efforts to increase the productivity of milch animals and thus increase the per capita availability of milk. Most of the milk is produced by small, marginal farmers and landless laborers. About 14.46 million farmers have been brought under the ambit of 1, 44,168 village level dairy corporative societies. It is the Apex organization of the Dairy Cooperatives of Gujarat, popularly known as AMUL, which aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for money. India exports specialty products such as casein for food processing or pharmaceuticals. The Indian dairy sector is also different from other dairy producing countries as India places its emphasis on both cattle and buffalo milk. Some of the major destinations of Indian dairy products are Bangladesh, UAE, US, and Philippines. Indigenous milk products and desserts are becoming popular with the ethnic population spread all over the world. Therefore, the export demand for these has gone up tremendously, thus providing great potential for export. Today, India is the worlds largest milk producer, accounting for more than 13% of the worlds total milk production. Therefore, it is an appropriate and cost effective place for manufacture of dairy products like ghee, cheese, curd, butter, etc. import restrictions on dairy products also promote Indian producers in this sector. There is a very good scope for this product and it is the right time for new entrepreneurs to venture into this field. Few Indian Major Players are as under: Aarkay Food Products Ltd. Amrit Corp. Ltd. Amrut Industries Ltd. Anik Industries Ltd. Anmol Dairy Ltd. [Merged] Asian Lakto Inds. Ltd. Belapur Industries Ltd. Britannia Dairy Pvt. Ltd. Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd. [Merged] Cepham Milk Specialities Ltd. Continental Milkose (India) Ltd. Crown Milk Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Daverashola Estates Pvt. Ltd. Dempo Dairy Inds. Ltd. Devyani International Ltd. DinshawS Dairy Foods Ltd. Foremost Industries (India) Ltd. Genuine Commodities Devp. Co. Ltd. Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Goga Foods Ltd. Goldline Milkfood Ltd. Haryana Milk Foods Ltd. Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. Heinz India Pvt. Ltd. Heritage Foods (India) Ltd. Herman Milkfoods Ltd. India Dairy Products Ltd. Indiana Dairy Specialities Ltd. Indodan Industries Ltd. Induri Farm Ltd. Industrial Progressive (India) Ltd. Kaira District Co Op. Milk Producers Union Ltd. Kwality Dairy (India) Ltd. Lipton India Ltd. [Merged] Mafco Ltd. Mahaan Foods Ltd. Markandeshwar Foods & Allied Products Ltd. Mehar Dairy Inds. Ltd. Merryweather Food Products Ltd. [Merged] Metro Dairy Ltd. Milk Specialities Ltd. Milkfood Ltd. Modern Dairies Ltd. Mother Dairy Food Processing Ltd. [Merged] Mother Dairy Kerala Ltd. [Merged] Narayan Agro Foods Ltd. Nikumbh Dairy Products Ltd. Panchmahal District Co Op. Milk Producers Union Ltd. Param Dairy Ltd. Parul Foods Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Premier Industries (India) Ltd. Rama Dairy Products Ltd. Ramya Agro Products Ltd. Ravileela Dairy Products Ltd. Reliance Dairy Foods Ltd. Rishabh Agro Inds. Ltd. Satyam Dairy Ltd. Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Ltd. Sri Skandan Inds. Ltd. Sterling Milk Products Ltd. Svera Agro Ltd. Swojas Energy Foods Ltd. Umang Dairies Ltd. V R S Foods Ltd. V R S Foods Ltd. [Merged] Vadilal Dairy International Ltd. Vadilal Industries Ltd. Vidya Dairy Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd. Vintage Foods & Inds. Ltd. Virat Crane Inds. Ltd. Vishal Lakto (India) Ltd. Vital Foods Ltd. Cost Estimation Capacity 1 ltr. Milk Pouches : 1500000 500 Milk Pouches : 3000000 250 ml. Flavoured Milk Pouches : 6000000 250 gm Yogurts Cup : 5400000 15 kgs. Ghee in Tin Pack : 135000 1 kgs. Ghee in Poly Pack : 675000 250 ml. Curds Pack cup : 2700000 250 ml Curds pack pouch : 2700000 1 kg. Paneer Pack : 216000 500 gms. Paneer Pack : 432000 250 gms Butter Pack : 5400000
Plant capacity: -Plant & machinery: Rs 696 Lakhs
Working capital: -T.C.I: Rs 5708 Lakhs
Return: 70.00%Break even: 23.00%
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