BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 FN:P.r. Naware, President (corp.); A. Sharma, President (ship,); S.k. Srivastava, President (offshore) ORG:Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. ADR;WORK:;;Ocean House, 134/a, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli Mumbai ;;Maharashtra;400018;India TEL;WORK:022-24613000,24922100,24613154 TEL;FAX:022-24925900 EMAIL;INTERNET:[email protected] NOTE;The Shipping Division Owns And Operates Crude Oil Tankers, Petro-product & Chemical Carriers And Dry Bulk Carriers; Ranging From 2000 Mt To 150,000 Mt In Dwt Used For Carriage Of Various Types Of Cargoes In Bulk. The Offshore Division Covers Alomost All Aspects Of Offshore Services Like Drilling, Marine Logistics, Platform Suppo9rt And Airlogistics. The Division Also Rovides Port And Terminal Support Services. END:VCARD