BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 FN:Rekha Satidasani ORG:Toshniwal Industries Pvt. Ltd. TITLE:Asst. Engineer Marketing ADR;WORK:;;Industrial Estate, Makhupura ;Ajmer;Rajasthan;305002;India TEL;WORK:0145-2965171 TEL;FAX:0145-2965174 EMAIL;INTERNET:[email protected] URL;INTERNET: NOTE;Tipl Product Range Includes Thermocouples, Rtds, Thermowells; 2 Wire And 4 Wire Temperature Transmitters; Digital Indicators, Controllers; Reference Junction Compensators; Selector Switches; Optical Pyrometers; Signal Converters; I/p Converters; Signal Conditioners; Test & Measuring Instruments. Etc. Tipl Also Markets Portable And On-line Ir Thermometers, Line Scanners And Thermographic Imagers ; High Temperature Video Imaging Systems (imaging & Sensing Technologies Usa); Micropro END:VCARD