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China Connected Vehicle Market (2018-2023)

China Connected Vehicle Market (2018-2023)

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Published: 2018
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"China Connected Vehicle Market

The China connected vehicle market is expected to show double-digit growth rate. Chinese consumers are increasingly emphasizing on in-car technology rather than on the price or engine performance when it comes to buying of a car, and 40% are willing to change brands for better connectivity. More than 75 % of Chinese car buyers are expected to increase spending on safety features, while 60 percent would pay more for vehicle management features that monitor usage, run diagnostics, and record accident data.

China is expected to be in the forefront for connected vehicle related innovation in the years to come. The challenge now remains for the auto industry to adopt the right mix of technology fit for China's driving conditions and move towards dominating the global share of intelligent connected cars.
More than 85% of Chinese car buyers would be eager to own an autonomous car, which indicates that a majority of consumers trust vehicle technologies with strong desires to transform in-car driving experiences. Similarly, car buyers cited their major concerns relating to autonomous driving to be 91% safety concerns, 86% cyber security, 83% the legal implications, while 80% cited cost.

Key growth factors

o Demand for a connected driving experience is growing rapidly in this region. Major auto-makers and OEMs are working to make this a reality very soon
o China is expected to become one of the prominent markets by 2025 for connected cars owing to high growth in the automotive market and improved connectivity infrastructure across the region

Threats and key players

o New laws mandate connectivity across all vehicles. China is yet to foresee this and accepting this across all automobile majors in the days to come is expected to be challenging
o Increasing fuel prices is causing a credit crunch, and rising inflation is taking a toll on the global economy. The industry is also restricted by increasing regulations, sluggish demand, and increase in both fixed and marginal cost.
o Some of the key players operating in the market are:- Autoliv, Continental AG, Denso, NXP Semiconductors, Robert Bosch GmbH, WirelessCar, and ZF Friedrichshafen.

What's covered in the report?

1) Overview of the China connected vehicle market
2) Evolution of connected car solutions
3) Connected vehicle ecosystem
4) Connected vehicle- integration landscape model
5) Total number of embedded passenger car solutions in China by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023,CAGR, and SWOT analysis for embedded solutions
6) Total number of integrated passenger car solutions in China by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023, CAGR, and SWOT analysis for integrated solutions
7) Total number of tethered passenger car solutions in China by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023, CAGR, and SWOT analysis for tethered solutions
8) Value proposition for connected passenger car services
9) Value proposition for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's)- connected passenger car services
10) Total number of fleet management solutions in China by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023 and CAGR
11) Value proposition for connected truck services
12) Modular strategy - truck manufacturers and OEM's
13) Key opportunities in the China connected vehicle market
14) Key market trends in China connected vehicle market
15) Analysis of companies profiles of major public and private players operating in the market

Why buy?

1. Understand the demand for connected vehicle products and services to determine the viability of the business.
2. Determine the developed and new markets where connected vehicle technology is consumed.
3. Formulate a product market strategy – based on the position in the value chain and determine the optimal product/service placement.
4. Identify the gap areas and address them.
5. Develop strategies based on the industry and economic factors for each of the segments.
6. Define the competitive positioning by comparing the products and services with the key players in the market.

""Customizations available”

With the given market data, Netscribes offers customizations according to specific needs. Write to us at [email protected]

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Chapter 1: Executive summary

1.1. Study segments
1.2. Market segmentation
1.3. Key questions answered in this study
1.4. Executive summary
1.5. Evolution of connected car solution
1.6. SWOT analysis- embedded Solutions
1.7. SWOT analysis- tethered solutions
1.8. SWOT analysis- integrated solutions
1.9. Connected vehicle- ecosystem
1.10. Connected vehicle- integration landscape model

Chapter 2: China connected passenger car- market overview

2.1. China market overview
2.1. 1. China growth drivers
2.1. 2. China challenges
2.1. 3. China trends
2.1. 4. Leading players in the market
2.2. China market size
2.2. 1. Embedded solutions- Historical (2015-2017), forecasted (2018-2023) by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units), and key observations
2.2. 2. Integrated solutions- Historical (2015-2017), forecasted (2018-2023) by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units), and key observations
2.2. 3. Tethered solutions- Historical (2015-2017), forecasted (2018-2023) by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units), and key observations

Chapter 3: Connected passenger car services- value proposition

3.1. Value proposition for connected passenger car services
3.2. Value proposition for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) - connected passenger car

Chapter 4: China connected truck- market overview

4.1. China market overview
4.1. 1. China growth drivers
4.1. 2. China challenges
4.1. 3. China trends
4.1. 4. Leading players in the market
4.2. China market size
4.2. 1. Fleet management solutions- Historical (2015-2017), forecasted (2018-2023) by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units), and key observations

Chapter 5: Modular strategy and potential analysis- global truck market

5.1. Value proposition for connected truck services
5.2 Modular strategy - truck manufacturers and OEMs
5.2. 1. Managing internal complexity through platform and modular components
5.2. 2. Managing external complexity via product portfolio
5.2. 3. Realize and sustainably anchoring complexity management

Chapter 6: Companies profiled

6.1. Company overview - Autoliv
6.1. 1. Key personnel
6.1. 2. Major offerings
6.1. 3. Key financials
6.1. 4. Key initiatives
6.1. 5. Investments
6.2. Company overview - Continental AG
6.2. 1. Key personnel
6.2. 2. Major offerings
6.2. 3. Key financials
6.2. 4. Key initiatives
6.2. 5. Investments
6.3. Company overview - Denso
6.3. 1. Key personnel
6.3. 2. Major offerings
6.3. 3. Key financials
6.3. 4. Key initiatives
6.3. 5. Investments
6.4. Company overview - NXP Semiconductors
6.4. 1. Key personnel
6.4. 2. Major offerings
6.4. 3. Key financials
6.4. 4. Key initiatives
6.4. 5. Investments
6.5. Company overview - Robert Bosch GmbH
6.5. 1. Key personnel
6.5. 2. Major offerings
6.5. 3. Key financials
6.5. 4. Key initiatives
6.5. 5. Investments
6.6. Company overview - WirelessCar
6.6. 1. Key personnel
6.6. 2. Major offerings
6.6. 3. Key financials
6.6. 4. Key initiatives
6.6. 5. Investments received
6.7. Company overview - ZF Friedrichshafen
6.7. 1. Key personnel
6.7. 2. Major offerings
6.7. 3. Key financials
6.7. 4. Key initiatives
6.7. 5. Investments

Chapter 7: Appendix

7.1. List of tables
7.2. Research methodology
7.3. Assumptions
7.4. About Netscribes Inc

Disclaimer: The Table of Contents (ToC) provided above contains the targeted coverage. The coverage is subject to change as we progress with the research.

o Autoliv
o Continental AG
o Denso
o NXP Semiconductors
o Robert Bosch GmbH
o WirelessCar

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