Selected Formulary Book on Cosmetics, Drugs, Cleaners, Soaps, Detergents, Dentrices and Depilatories

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Selected Formulary Book on Cosmetics, Drugs, Cleaners, Soaps, Detergents, Dentrices and Depilatories

Author: NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788190439800
Code: NI189
Pages: 720
Price: Rs. 1,500.00   US$ 150.00

Published: 2007
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Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. These are products that are created for application on the body for the purpose of cleansing, beautifying or altering appearance and enhancing attractive features. But cosmetics are not the same thing as medicines and cosmetics cannot be used to alter a body functions or performance. Beauty cosmetic products that are manufactured in India include an extensive range of makeup cosmetics and toiletries like skin creams and lotions, perfumes, lipsticks and lip gloss, nail varnish, toothpastes, deodorants and eye and face makeup products to cite a few examples. A chemical depilatory is a cosmetic preparation used to remove the hair from the skin on the human body. The depilatories industry is comprised of companies primarily concerned with the manufacturing, distribution, and retailing of hair removal products. Depilatories are considered cosmetic products used to remove unwanted hair on the surface of the skin, and typically come in cream, gel, aerosol, lotion, or powdered form. Indian cosmetics market is reportedly growing at 15 to 20% annually. Drugs are usually distinguished from endogenous biochemical by being introduced from outside the organism. Drugs and pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role in the economic development of a nation. It is one of the largest and most advanced sectors in the world, acting as a source for various drugs, medicines and their intermediates as well as other pharmaceutical formulations. India has come a long way in this field, from a country importing more than 95% of its requirement of drugs and pharmaceuticals; India now is exporting it even to developed countries. Soaps and Detergents are cleaning products that have become an essential part in our daily lives. Soaps are mainly used as surfactants for washing, bathing, and cleaning, but they are also used in textile spinning and are important components of lubricants. Cleaning products play an essential role by safely and effectively removing dirt, germs and other contaminants, and thus promote a hygienic lifestyle. Toilet soaps account for the largest single share of about 10% in FMCG (fast moving consumer good) market. The toilet market is getting saturated at a high penetration level of 98% and is growing at a very modest rate. The toilet soap, once only an urban phenomenon, has now penetrated practically in all areas including remote rural areas. The incremental demand flows from population increase and rise in the usage norm impacted as it is by a greater concern for hygiene. Increased sales revenues would also expand from up gradation of quality or per unit value. The market is littered over with several leading national and global brands and a large number of small brands which have limited markets.

Some of the fundamentals of the book are cosmetics   and   drugs, ocean bathing salt, oxygen bathing salt, medical bathing salts, carlsbad well, freichenhall kreuznach, hallein well, sodium thiosulphate plus acid, bath water, prophylactic face waters, kummerfelds (face) water sulphur, colloidal or finely, alcoholic sulphur hair lotion, preparation for head massage, scalp stimulant, hair wave concentrate, hair setting concentrate liquid, hair fixative
brilliantine, non greasy brilliantine, hair fixative cream, hair fixative perfumes, hair oil, soap less shampoo, soap less shampoo powder, cleansers, soaps and detergents etc.
Formulation is a key process in the overall life cycle so that products are delivered that is of the right quality, at a competitive cost, and is made available within the specified time scale. This book present several hundred advanced product formulations for household, industrial and other applications. This book will be an invaluable resource to development chemists looking for leads in the formulation of a wide range of products.

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Pine Needle Bathing Salt
Ocean Bathing Salt1
Oxygen Bathing Salt
Medical Bathing Salts
Carlsbad Well
Hallein Well
Mud Bath Salt
“Saltrate Rodell”
Stimulating Bathing Salt
Effervescent Tablets for Baths
Effervescent Tablets with Wetting Agents
Steel (Iron) Baths
Sulphur Baths
Sodium Thiosulphate plus Acid Bath-Water
Bain de la Parisienne
Carbon Dioxide Baths
Mud Bath
Foot-Bath   Powders   (or   Tablets)   with Perborate
Cold Creams
Greaseless Cold Cream
Cold Cream
Glycerin Cold Cream
Triethanolamine Cold Cream
Cleansing Cream
Nourishing Cream
Liquid Nourishing Cream
Non-Irritating Creams
Vanishing Cream
Cleansing Cream
After Shaving Cream
Latherless Shaving Cream
Massage Cream
Massage Preparations
Almond Hand-Cleansing Paste
Glycerin Type
Glycerin Jelly for the Handa
Glycerin Honey Jelly
Protective Hand Creams
Cuticle Softener
Skin Cream
“Penetran” Skin Cosmetic
Wrinkle “Removing” Creams
Skin “Food”
Mosquito Repelling Cream
Mosquito Repellants
Mosquito Protection Cream   (Non-Greasy)
All Weather Cream
Night Cream (Greasy)
Non-Greasy Cream
Liquid cream
Turtle Oil Cream
Boro-Glycerin Lanolin Cream
Menthol Cream
Lemon Juice Cream
Ink Removing Cream
Deodorant Crenm
British Patent 425,050
Powder Cream Base
Ruggles’ Cream
Skin Oil with Isocholesterin
Skin Oil with Lanolin
Skin Oil with Wool Wax
Skin Oil with Cetyl Alcohol
Skin Oil with Triethanolamine Oleate
Non-Irritating Skin Oil
Lecithin Skin Oil
Skin Oil “Huile Ambrosiaque”
Skin Oil with Wool Fat Alcohols Parachol
Skin Cleansing Oil
Skin Nourishing Oil
Skin “Stimulating” Oils
Astringent Skin Oil
Witch Hazel Skin Oil
Massage Oil
Muscle Oil
Sport Oil (for Swimmers)
Cholesterin Oil
Cholesterin-Lecithin Oil
Face Lotions
For Dry Skin : No. 6
Face Lotion (For Dry Skin)
Face Lotion (For Oily Skin)
Acne Face Lotion
Face Water
Prophylactic Face Waters
Kummerfeld’s (Face) Water Sulphur, Colloidal or Finely
Sulphur Face Water
Skin Lotion
Modern Glycerin-Sulphur Lotion
Glycerin and Cucumber Lotion
Cucumber and Egg Lotion
Face Water, Acid
Face Water, Astringent
Skin Hardener
Strong Astringent Lotion
Face Water with Witch Hazel
Modern Neutral Face Water
Face Water for Mottled Skin or Freckles
Freckle Lotion
Skin Cleansing Lotion British Patent 423,426
Liquid Deep Pore Cleanser
Face Pack
Hand Lotion Formula No. 1
Low Cost Almond Lotion
Rose Lotion
Lemon Lotion
Milky Lotion with Pectin
Base Emulsion
Bathing Milk
Benzoin Milk
Glycerin Toilette Water
Dusty Odor Face Lotions
Eau de Quinine
Eau de Cologne (50%)
Chypre Head Lotion
Alcoholic Sulphur Hair Lotion
Preparation for Head Massage
Scalp Stimulant
Hair Wave Concentrate
Hair Setting Concentrate
Liquid Hair Fixative
Non-Greasy Brilliantine
Hair Fixative Cream
Hair Fixative Perfumes
Hair Oil
Soapless Shampoo
Soapless Shampoo Powder
“Oil-Hair Wash”
Egg Shampoo
Shampoo Powder
Liquid Hair Shampoo
Hair Wash
Hair Washing Soaps
Dandruff Remover
Dandruff Lotion
Birch Water
Florida Water
Hungary Water
Eau de Lubin
Aqua Mellis
Eau de Lavende, Ambrée
Eau de Cologne
Ambre Enu de Cologne
Chypre Eau de Cologne
Eau de Cologne “Russe”
Eau de Cologne for the Bath
Ice — Bay Rum
Eau de Lavende
Perfumes for Shaving Creams Eau de Cologne Perfume
Bitter Almond Perfume
Fancy Perfume
Almond Perfume
Lavender Perfume
Rose Perfume
Violet Perfume
Extract, Rose
Lilac Perfume
Perfume for Cholesterin Creams
Perfume Bases
Lily-of-the-Valley Flower Oil
Lilac Flower Oil
Perfume Oil, Type “Tosca”
Perfume Oil, Type “Quelques Fleurs”
Perfume Oil, Type “Quelques
Fleurs” For Fine Soaps (Soft Type)
Perfume Oils ‘‘Chypre Extract’’
Cuticle Remover
Cuticle Softener
Nail Polish
Nail Polish Powder
Removers, Nail Polish
Eyelid Pencils
Brown Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow and Eyelash Softener
Lipsticks (and Eyebrow Pencils)
After Shave Lotions
Shaving Creams, Foaming
Shaving Cream, Foaming
Brushless Shaving Creams
Soapless Shaving Preparations
Shaving Creams, Non-Foaming
Latherless Shaving Cream
Shaving Creams, Non-Foaming
Camphor Shaving Milk
Milky-White Shaving Soap, Liquid
Shaving Milks
Astringent After Shaving Milk
Transparent Liquid Shaving Soap
Shaving Soap, Liquid
Shaving Soap, Similar to ‘‘Rasibloc’’
After Shave Lotion
Powdered Hand Toilet Soaps
Liquid Soaps
Coconut Oil Soap
Liquid Coconut Oil Soap
Liquid Glycerin Soap
Transparent Glycerin Soaps
Transparent Soap (Without Glycerin)
Rose Soap
Palm Soap
Althaca (Marshmallow) Soap
Bouquet Soap
True Lemon Soap
Liquid Tar Soap
Alum Soap
Iodine Soap
Chlorthymol Soap
Chlorine Soap
Soap for Removing Scarred Skin
Powder Formulae
Dusting Powder’s
Thiosulphate Dusting Powder
Foaming Bath Powder
Mentholated Talcum
‘‘Prickly Heat’’ Powder
Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste with Low Glycerin Content
Tooth Paste (Without Glycerin)
Tooth Paste
Oxygen Tooth Paste
Talc Tooth Paste
Salt Tooth Paste
Denture (Artificial Teeth) Cleaner
Denture (Artificial Teeth) Adherent
Dental Impression Material British Patent 399,842
Temporary Dental Filling
Dental Canal Cement
Dental Pulp Capping
Dental Pulp Devitalizer
Antiseptic Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash Tablets
Mouth Rinse
Gingivitis Mouth Wash
Breath Deodorant
Odorless Depilatory
Adhesive Depilatory
Sun Burn-Protectors, Liquid
Preventatives against Sunburn
Sunburn Protecting Cream
Sunburn-Protecting Oil
Sunburn-Protecting Oil
Sunburn (Suntan) Oil
Suntan Oil
Preparations to Protect Feet Against Hurting and Inflammation Foot Creams
Athlete ‘s Foot Ointment
Athlete’s Foot Powder
Athlete’s Foot Treatment
“Athlete’s Foot” Remedy
Bunion Remover
Pilocarpine Eye Drops
Pilocarpine Eye Slave
Eye Ointment
Cetyl Alcohol
Arthritis Ointment
Frostbite Ointment
Analgesic Balm
Burn Ointment
Carbuncle Ointment
Chapped Skin Ointment
Glycerin-Sulphur-Kaolin-Acne Paste
Boil Ointment
Ringworm Ointments, Sulphur Ointment
Compound Benzoic Acid Ointment
Chrysarobin Ointment
Salicylic Acid Pigment
Pyrethrum Ointment
Ulcer Salve
Protecting Skin Against Mustard Gas
A. B. C. Liniment
Glycerin-Sulphur Liniment
“Penetrating’’ Liniment
Rheumatism Liniment
Back Rub Ointment
Castor Oil Candy Laxative
Agar Mineral Oil Emulsion
Emulsion of Liquid Petrolatuin
Antipyrine Suppositories
Psoriasis Treatment
Acidosis Preventative
Cold and Grippe “Remedy”
Hay Fever Remedies
Sea-Sickness Remedy
Appetite Stimulant
Bronchitis Inhalant
Menthol Inhalator
Laryngitis Spray
Tonailitis Gargle
Stomach Gas Relief
Periodic Pain Alleviator
Camphor Tablets (Pharmaceutical)
Moth Protection Tablets
“Creolin” Disinfectant
Disinfectant for Telephones
Counter Irritant, Extra Strong
Stainless Iodine Solution
Non-Irrititating Iodine Antiseptic
Tattoo Mark, Removing
Mechanics Hand Protective Coating
Volatile Anesthetics
Anaesthesia Chloroform Preservative
X-Ray Contrast Media
Cystographic Medium
Hormone Manufacture
Analgesic Chaulimoogra Oil for Injection
Intravenous Colloidal Sulphur
Hydrogen Peroxide Preservative
Preservatives for Hydrogen Peroxide
Embalming Fluid—For Decolorizing Jaundice Cases
Embalming Fluid
Corpse Wound Filler
Finishing Cream (Corpse)
Animal Embalming Fluid
Air Purifier
Solid, Volatile Preparations to Perfume and Disinfect the Air
Naphthalene Pure
Paradichlorobenzol, Pure
Water Soluble Bactericide
Protecting Tin Collapsible Tubes, Against Corrosion
Pharmaceutical Charcoal Preparations
Removing Creosote from Skin and Clothing
Zinc Ointment
Hiccough Remedy
Fingernail Cleaner
Emulsions, Gasoline Emulsions

Cleaning Preparations and Methods
To Remove Stains From the Hands:
Cleaning Gilded Articles:
Spot And Stain Removers
To Remove Aniline Stains
Cleaning Skins and Leather
Straw-hat Renovation:
Paint, Varnish and Enamel Removers
Ink Eradicators
Cleaning of Walls, Ceilings and Wall Paper
Cloth and Fibric Cleaners
Clothes Cleaning Fluids
Cleaning Painted and Varnished Surfaces
Glove Cleaners
Stone Cleaning
Rust Removers
To Remove Rust from Iron or Steel Utensils
Metal Cleaning
Gold-Ware Cleaner
Oil-Grease-Paint-spot Eradicators
Grease and Paint-Spot Eradicators
Watchmakers’   and   Jewelers’ Cleaning   Preparations
Glass Cleaning
Miscellaneous cleaning Methods and Process
Emulsion Cleansers
Rug Dry Cleaner
Leather Cleaner
Belt Cleanser
Detergent for Leather, Cloth Italian   Patent 278,703
Upholstery Cleaner
Methyl Cellulose Soaps
Sulphite Cellulose Soaps
Iodine Soap
Liquid Soap (Antiseptic)
Textile Scouring Soap
Textile Spot-Wash
Textile Soap
Dry Cleanig Soap Concentrate
Dry Cleaning Soap
Rug Cleaners Soap
Rug and Carpet Cleaners Soap
Upholstery Cleanser
Dry Cleaners Emulsion
Dry-Cleaning Fluid
Non-Inflammable Dry Cleaning Solvents
Dry Cleaners Fluid (Inflammable)
Dry Cleaners Pre-Spotting Fluid
Dry Cleaners’ Spot Bleaches
Benzine Emulsion Paste
Oil-Spot Remover for Fine Textiles
Rust Remover—For Textiles and Paper
Scouring Solution for Piece Goods
Textile Scouring Emulsion
Cleaning Tarnished Metal Fabrics
Spotting Heavy Pile Fabrics
Cleaning Upholstery
Soapless Rug Shampoo or Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
Cleaning Leather Belting
Cleaning Suede Gloves
Cleaning Straw and Panama Hats
Window-Glass Spray Cleaner
Window Cleanser
Glass Cleanser Powders
Glass Cleaner
Scrubbing Powder for Glass
Cleaner for Glass Molds
Cleanser for Dishes
Hard Water Dish Cleaner
Dish Washing Powder
Dish Cleaner and Disinfectant
Bottle Washing Solutions
Cleaning Cloth for Glass, Metal and   Furniture
Lens Cleaning Fluid (Lens “Oil”)
Dishwashing Water Softener
Wall Paper Cleaners,
Cleanser for Natural and Artificial   Stones
Cleaning Stone Work
Tile Cleanser for Swimming Pools
Cleaning Sandstone Buildings
Cleaning Terra Cotta Buildings
Efficient Cleanser for Hands
Hand Cleanser Paste for Automobilists
Metal Cleaner
Aluminum Cleansers
Block Cleanser for Aluminum
Cleaner for Tin, Zinc and Aluminum
Tin Ware Cleanser
Tin Equipment Cleaner
Silver Cleanser
Cleaner for Auto Radiators and Cooling System
Automobile Radiator cleaner
Cleanser for Electrical Collectors
Drain Pipe Cleaner
Cleanser for Beer Piping
Milk Utensil Antiseptic
Cleanser for Printing Machinery
Type Cleaner
Typewriter Type Cleaner
Rust Remover
Cleaners for Painting Rolls
Cleaner Emulsion for Printing Rolls
Abrasive Cleaner
Paint Cleaner
Removing Blood Stains from Paint
Removing Picric Acid Stains from Skin
Lacquer Remover for Hands
Removing Lacquer from Skin
Removing Ink from Hands
Removers for Iodine Stains
Removers for Silver Nitrate Stains
Cleaning Upholstery Stains
Stain Removers
Preventing Zinc Stains on Linens
Ink Remover
Removal of Ink Stains
Glycerin as a Stain Remover
Removing Oil Stains from Fabrics
Removal of Rust Stains
Removing Nail Polish Stains from ’ Celanese ‘’
Removing Automobile Grease Stains
To Remove Mold-Stains from (White) Laundry:
Dried Milk Stain Cleaner
Chewing Gum Remover
Cleaner for Carbon Paper
Ink and Typewriter Ribbon Stains
Cleanser for Milk Vessels
Composition to Clean Wooden Surfaces
Cleaning Light Oak Desks
Washing Butter Churns
Cleaning Piano Keys
Cleaning Gilded Surfaces
Cleanser for Rubber Rugs
Cleansing Greasy Household Mops
Shooe Cleaner
Feed Water Heater Cleaning
Cleaning Surgical and Dental Instruments Washing Compound for Canning Industry
Removing Insects from Windshields
Cleanser Similar to the “P,” of Henkel
Watch Cleaning Fluid
Warren’s Dust Cleaning Compound
Milky Ammonia
Cologne Water
Removing-Stains from Window Sash
Bleaching Powder
Laundry Bleach Bleaching Agent
Laundry Sours
Laundry Gloss
Laundry Starch Solution
Collar Glaze for Laundries
Preventing Water Marks
Dairy Detergent
Bleaching of Soaps
and Oils
Clearing Processing Spots on Textiles
Removal of Ink Stains from Cloth
The Cleaning and Bleaching of Linen
Solvent Liquid Soaps
Liquid Soap Shampoos
Production of Liquid High-Content Potassium Soaps
Liquid Soap (15%)
Liquid Olive Oil Soap
Liquid Coconut Oil Soap
Glycerin Liquid Soap
Liquid Soaps
Formaldehyde Soap Solution
Liquid Disinfecting Soap
Disinfectant Scrub Soaps
Pine Oil Scrubbing Soap
Liquid Pine Oil Soap Pine Oil Jelly Soup
Pine Oil
Pine Oil Cleaning Paste
Soap Paste Paint Cleaner
Waterless Soap
Soap Powders
Soap Flakes
Soap for “Soap Noodles”
Borax Soaps
Borax Soap Powder
Washing Powder
Ammonia Washing Powder
Household Scourer
Cold Processed Soap
Cold-Process Carbolic Soap
Cold Process Soap
Dry Cleaner's Soap
Soaps Containing Pine Oil Solid Pine Oil Soap
Medicated Soaps
Ichthyol and Sulphur
Medicated Perfume
Antiseptic Soaps
Germicidal and Antiseptic Soap
Camphor Soaps Soap Base
Iodine Soap
Ichthyol Soap
Boric Acid Soap
Sand Soap
Washing Tablets
Wool Throwers Soap
Borax Laundry Soap
Wool scouring Bath
Transparent Glycerin Soaps
English Transparent Soap
Filled (Cheap) Transparent Soaps
Transparent Soap
Filled Soap
Soap Perfume
Automobile Tar Solvent
Automobile Cleaner
Bleaching Soda
Stain Removing Powder
Dry Peroxide Bleaching Powder
Bleaching and Washing Powder
Brick and Masonry Cleaner
Brick and Masonry Cleaner
Drain Cleaner
Washing Compounds for Use in Canning
Cleanser for House Facades
Floor Bleaches
Cleanser for “Parquet” Floor
Cleansing Preparation for Galoshes
Cleanser for Dishes
Mechanical Dishwashing Preparation
Glass Cleaners
Glass Cleaner in Cake Form
Cleaning Mixture for Beer Glasses
Window Glass Cleaner
Gun Cleaner and Solvent
Special Cleanser for Very Dirty Hands
Antiseptic Cleaner for Ice Cream Freezers
Lavatory Cleaner
Laundry Bleach
Laundry Blue Good Quality Cheap Quality
Ultramarine Blue Paste
Laundry Sour
Cleanser for Hunting Calf Leather
Cleanser for Sporting Leathers
Cleaner and Disinfectant for Metal Articles
Bleach-Bath for Used Oil Corks
Oven Cleanser
Printing Form and Cylinder Cleaner
Rug Cleaner
Radiator Cleaner
Dry Cleanser for Wallpapers
Wall Cleaner
Scouring Soaps
Scouring Powder
Stain Emulsifier
Removing Glue Stains from Wood
Remover for Tobacco Stains on Fingers
Removing Pitch or Varnish from Hands or Glass
Household Scouring Powder Dutch Cleanser type
Acetone sufficient to make a thin paste
Soot Destroyer
Steamship Chimney Soap
Cleanser for Lampblack-Dirtied Surfaces
Floor Sweeping Compound
Tinned Ware Cleaner
Type Cleaner
Cleanser for Velvet Shoes
Composition for Cleaning Walls
Painted Woodwork Cleaner
“Soluble” Pine Oil Fluid
Soap Towel
Sodium Metasilicate Solutions
Movie Film Cleaner
Benzine Soap
Dry Cleaning Solvents for “Celanese”
Dry Cleaning Soap
Dry Cleaning Soap
Textile Soap
Kier Soap
Ox Gall Soap
Rose Soap
Windsor Soap
Witch Hazel Soap
Soft Soap Manufacture
Soap Rancidity
Superfatting Soap
Soap Spirit
Softener for Hard Water
Soaps Cleaners
Liquid Soaps
Tar Shampoo
Marseilles (Castile) Soap
Hand Soap
Transparent Solid Soap
Glycerite of Starch
Lecithin Soap
German Patent 666,208
Medicinal Soaps
Potash Soap
Formalin Soap
Cresol Soap
Spirit Soap
Medicinal Disinfectant Soap
Medicated Soap (Sapo Medicatus)
Antiseptic Cleaning Composition
Hand Cleaning Paste (Mechanic’s Soap) Solid Potash Soap
Hard Soap Base
Salt Water Soap
Soft Soap
Fulling Soaps
Good Medi- Cheap
Neutralizing and Bleaching Soap
Soap Superfatting and Neutralizing Compound
Fireproofing Soap
Powdered Milk Soap
Large Bubble Blowing Soap
Soap Filler
Saddle Soap
Detergent Powders Dry Cleaning Soaps
Textile Cleaning Soap
Benzine Soap
Petroleum Soap
Methyl Hexalin Soap Tetralin Soap Hexalin Soap
Solvent Soaps
Spotting Paste for Cleaning Garments
Spotting Soaps for Collapsible Tubes Solid Spotting Soap
Spotting Pencils Hard Soap
Cosmetic Creams and Lotions
Nail Polishes
Deodorizing Blocks
Mineral Oils
Washing Powders
Sweeping Compound
Washing and Bluing Powders or Tablets
Glycerin Anti-Freeze Mixtures
Silicate of Soda Compounds
Water Soluble Dyes
Oil Soluble Dyes
Alpine Soap
Camphor Soap
Carbolic Acid Soap
Sulphur Soap
Sulphur-Tar Soap
Vaseline Tar Soap
Tar Soap
Iodine Soap
White‘s Hand Soap
Pumice Soap
Thum’s Grit Soap for Surgeons
Antiseptic Soap
Davis’ Liquid Antiseptic Soap
Disinfectant Soaps
Hexalin Soaps
Palm Oil Soap
Castor Oil Soap
Translucent Cocoanut Oil Soap
Castile Soap
Static Destroying Soap
Substantially Anhydrous Persalt

Transparent Soap
Composition for Prevention of Rancidity in Soap
Hard Coconut Oil Soap
Persalt Soaps
Toilet Soap Powder
Transparent Milled Soap Chips
Soap Bubble Liquid
Cotton Scouring Soap
Persil Soap Powder
Soap Powder
Laundry Washing Aid
Laundry Soap
Laundry Mixes
Laundry Bluing Composition
Semi-Boiled Process
Variations in Soap Stock
White Soft Soaps
Fatty Stuck for Yellow Soft Soaps
Soft Soaps
Transparent Soap Novelties
Transparent Soft Soap
“Elaidine’’ Soaps
Methyl Cellulose Soft Soap
Soap-Stocks for Pearly Soft Soaps
Soft Soap
Transparent Rosin Soap
Bile Soaps Guillaya Bark Soap
Controlled Alkalinity Soap
Acid Soap
Soaps Containing Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Half-Boiled Soap Containing Glycerin
Saponified Starch Soap
Salt Water Soap
Sea Water Soap
Oil (Fat) Dissolving Soap
Pure Vegetable Oil Soap
Lasting Lather Soap
Incorporating Borax into Toilet Soap
Anti-Rancidity Composition for Soaps
Casein Paste (To Be Added to Soaps to Make Them Smoother)
Preventing Soap Discoloration
Liquid Soap Fatty Acid Liquid Soaps Transparent Soap (Without Glycerin)
Vegetable Oil Liquid Soap
Coconut Oil Liquid Soap
Liquid Soap Base
Green Soap (65%)
Liquid Soap for Dispensers
Pine Oil Jelly Soap
Stiff Soap Gels
Palm and Olive
Mechanics Soap
Pumice Soaps Sand Soap
Powdered Hand Soap
Hand Cleansing Powder
Germicidal Soap
Surgical Soap
Medicinal Potash Soap
Medicinal Sodium Soap
Dental Soap
Liquid Dental Soap
Transparent Tooth Soap
Carbolic Phenol) Soap
Laundry Preparations
Bluing Compounds:
Washing Fluids
Bricks and Powders:
Grosser’s Washing Brick
Luhn’s Washing Extract
Washing Powders
Cleaning Compound
Cleaning Compound
To Clean Bronze
Cleaning Copper Coins
Dry Cleaning Fluid
Cleaning Fluid
Cleaning Fluid
Dairy Equipment
Dry Cleaner
Gasoline Cleaning Cream
Deodorant Cleaner
Powdered Glove Cleaner
Hand Cleaner and Softener
Hand Wash
Mechanics Antiseptic
Cleaning Paste for Mechanics
Kerosene Jelly Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Leather Cleaner
Marble and Porcelain Cleaner
Oil Painting
Cleaner for Oil Paintings
Detergent and Paint Remover
Printers Form Cleaner
Rifle Cleaner
Rug Cleaner
Silk Stockings and Gloves
Cleaning Straw Hats
Wall Paper Cleaner
Laundry Sours
Laundry Blue
Liquid Laundry Blue
Castor Oil
Floating Soap
Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning Soap
Dry Cleaners Soap
Dry Cleaning Liquid Soap
Drycleaners Soap
Dry-Cleaning Soaps
Naphtha Soluble Soap
Laundry Soap
Liquid Soap
Liquid Soap
Concentrated Liquid Soap for Silk
Silk Stockings
Formula:   Liquid Cleaning Soap
Liquid Soap
Alkali in Soap Base
White Rose Soap
No color
Violet Soap
Oriental Bouquet Soap
Lilac Soap
Almond Blossom Soap
Eau de Cologne Soap Perfume Low Priced Perfume
Lavender Soap Perfume
Low Priced Perfume
Heliotrope Soap Perfume
New Mown Hay Soap
Red Rose Soap
Pine Oil Powder Scrubbing Soaps
Parts by Weight
Pine Oil Liquid Hand Soaps
Pine Oil Liquid Scrubbing Soaps
Pine Oil Soap
Pine Oil Scrubbing Soap
Saddle Soap
Soft Soap for Textile Purposes
Saddle Soap
“Waterless” Soap
Soap Paste
Perborate Soap Powder
Soap Powder
Soap Powder
Soap Powder
Washing and Bleaching Powder
Soap Rancidity
Prevention of
Rancidity in Soap
Prevention of
Soap Stabilizer
Rug Cleaning Soap
Paint and Tar Solvent
Powdered Scouring Compound
Sweeping Compounds
Mix thoroughly
Combined “Sour and Bluing”
Coloring Liquid Soaps
Coloring Milled Soaps
Dry Cleaning Soap on Ammonia Base
Beer Pipe Cleaning Compound
Face Powders and Talcs
Talcum Powders
Dusting Powder
After-Bath Powder
Face Powders
Color—See Coloring
Coloring for Face Powders and Talcs
Rachel Color Base
Flesh Color Base
Orange Color Base
Grey Color Base
Tan Color Base
Blue Color Base
Lavender Color Base
Green Color Base
Light Cream
Medium Rachel
Dark Rachel
Lipstick—Indelible Mascara-Soapless Type-Poured
Cold Cream
Cleansing Cream
Cold Cream (Non-Greasy)
Neutral Cleansing Cream
Liquefying- Cleansing Creams
Toilet Waters
Shaving Creams
Liquid Shaving Creams
Thicker Creams
After Shaving Preparations
Almond Cream for After Shaving
After Shave Lotion
Styptic Pencils
Styptic Powder
Nail Polish
Nose and Throat Spray
Sore Throat Relief
Antiseptic Inhalant
Antiseptic for Telephone Mouthpiece
Hand Lotions
Hand Lotion
Tragacanth Hand Lotion
Hand Cream
Mechanic’s Protective Hand Cream
“Honey and Almond” Cream
Dry Skin Nourishing Cream
Skin Smoothener
Cleansing Cream
Liquid Cleansing Cream
Colorless Liquid Skin Cleanser
Quick Melting
Mineral Jelly
Cold Cream Type
Quick Melting
Quick Melting
Quick Melting
Oily Type
Liquid Cleansing Cream
Cold Cream
Tissue Cream
Liquefying Creams
Liquid Turtle Oil Cream
Vanishing Cream (Greaseless)
Peanut Oil Massage Cream
Creme Kaloderma
Astringent Cream
Quinto Cream
Emollient Cream
Benzoin and Almond Cream
Almond Meal
Castor Oil and Tragacanth in a Lotion
Larkspur Lotion
Mud Beauty Mask
Facial Mask
Facial Clay
Bleach Cream
Skin Bleach
Freckle Preventive Treatment
Wrinkle Remover
Wrinkle Lotion
Sun-Burn Preventive Preparations
Formula No. 2 (Cream)
Suntan Cream
Suntan Oil
Suntan Lotion
Sunburn Healing Preparations Sun Tan Liquid
Sun-Tan Oil
Sun Proof Cream
Depilatory Cream
Depilatory Cream
Face Power
Liquid Face Powder
“Cooling” Talcum Powder
Talcum Powder
Milk of Iris
Virgin Milk
Lubin Water
French Type Botot Water
English Type Botot Water
Antiseptic Dusting Powder
Petrolatum Dusting Powder
Antiseptic Soap
Cosmetic “Oxygen” Soap
Jones Perfume for Liquid Soap
Bath Powder
Pine Needle Bath Oil
Methyl Salicylate in Bath Preparations
Aromatic Bath Salts
La Rouce Bath Cream
Sulphur Toilet Waters
Magoffin’s Perspirine
Deodorant Powder
Sanitary Napkin Deodorant
Powdered Shampoo Mixtures
Henna Shampoo Powder
Chamomile Shampoo Powder
“Soapless” Shampoo
Soapless Shampoos
Soapless Liquid Shampoo
Pine Tar Shampoo
Pine Tar Shampoo
Bay Rum Shampoo
Hair Treatments
Hair Fixatives
Nursery Hair Oil
Hair Oils
Hair Cream
Suggested Perfume Combinations
Hair Cream
Hair Grooming Cream
Brilliantine (Separating)
Brilliantine (Non-Separating)
Brilliantine (Non.Greasy)
Greaselesa Brilliantines for Men
Quinine Hair Dressing
Cholesterol Hair Tonic
Hair Tonic
Hair Tonic
Hair Tonic
Hair Tonic for Dandruff
Hair Luster Powder
“Falling Hair” Ointment
Hair Pomade and Straightener
Hair Curling Fluid
Waving Fluid
Wave Setting Lotion
Hair Wave Lotion
Hair Waving Solution
Finger Waving Solution
Permanent Waving Solution
Milky Permanent Wave Solution
Permanent Waving Solution
Non-Poisonous Hair Dye
Hair Dye
Bismuth Hair Dyes
White “Henna”
White Henna Powder
Walnut Hair Dye
Eye Lash Grower (Darkener)
Eye Cream
Eye Oil (Balsamic)
Plucking Cream
For Brittle Finger Nails
Nail Bleach
Amor Nail Polishing Paste
Nail Polish and Powder
Nail Polish Powder
Nail Polish Liquid
Nail Polish Stick
Finger Nail Polish
Finger Nail Polish Remover
Nail Enamels
Stock Solution
Nail Enamel Removers
Pencil for Whitening Surface Under the Nails
Cuticle Skin Cream
Cuticle Remover
Cuticle Remover
White Cosmetic Which Turns Pink on the Skin
‘Bear Grease” Cosmetic
Shaving Cream
Shaving Creams
Brushless Shaving Cream
Brushless Shaving Cream
After Shave Lotion
Dental Cream
Milk of Magnesia Dental Cream
Ribbon Dental Cream
Tooth Paste
Tooth Powders
Denture Powder
Salt Dentifrice
Dentifrice Massing Fluid
Cleaning Agents for Dentifrices
Bath Salts
Effervescent Pine Needle Bathing Tablets
Foam Bath Salts
Bath Preparations
Carbon Dioxide Bath Tablets
Foot Bathing Salt
Mixture I
Mixture II
Bath Oil
Greaseless Cold Cream
Greasy Cold Creams
Cold Cream
Vegetable Vanishing Cream
Cleansing Cream
Avocado Oil Cleansing Cream
Toilette-’’ Vaseline’’
Protective Hand Cream
Milkers’ Hand Lubricant
Tissue Cream
Antiseptic Tissue Cream
Avocado Tissue Cream
Vegetable Oil Tissue Cream
Alum Cream
Myristyl Alcohol in Lotion Creams
Glycerite of Starch
Cooling Hand Lotion
Creamy hand Lotion
Glycerin-Benzoin Hand Lotion
Hand Whitening Lotion
Lotion for Laborers’ Hands
Astringent Hand Lotion
Removal of Skin Discolorations
Freckle ‘‘Preventive’’
Skin Lotions or Oils
Skin Cleaning Lotion
Face Lotions
Cooling Face Lotion
Camphor Face Lotion
Cleansing Pad Lotion
Toilet Vinegar
Astringent Lotion
Mild Astringent Lotion
Astringent Bath Lotion
Deodorant Lotions
Borated Porspiration Deodorarant
Astringent Perspiration Deodorant
Deodorizing Detergent Solution
Preventation of Perspiration
Deodorizing Powers
Skin Tonics
Powdered Skin Tonic
Facial Astringent
Skin Milk
Toilet Milk
Vitamin F Milky Skin Lotion
‘‘Muscle’’ Oils
Water-Dispersable Antiseptic Oil
Sun Burn Preventing Powder
Sun Burn Powders
Sun Burn Preparation
Sun Burn Lotion
Sun Tan Lotions
Resin-Wax Depilatory
Plucking Depilatory
Liquid Depilatory
Protecting Compound for the Skin to Be Used Together with Depilatories
Lime Hair Cream
Hair Creams
Hair Pomade
Moustache Pomade
Petroleum Hair Oil Perfumed Hair Oil
Henna Brilliantine
Cholesterol-Sulphur Hair Lotion
Tar-Sulphur Hair Lotion
Sulphur Hair Tonic
Hair Lotion for Dandruff and Greasy Hair
Eyebrow Pencils
Eyebrow Pencils
Nail Cream
Brittle Nails
Prevention of
Cuticle Creams
Cuticle Remover
Honey Odor
Soap Perfumes
Solid Perfumes
Solid Eau de Cologne
Cedar Odor for Soap and Polish
Ambergris-Function and Application of in perfumes
Soda Mint
Calcium Lactate
Nux Vomica and Belladonna
Enteric Pill and Tablet Coating
Eateric Coating for Pills and Tablets.
Enteric Coating for Drug Tablets
Pharmaceutical Pill Coating
Magnesia Tooth Paste
Non-Foaming Tooth
Tooth Paste with Colloidal Kaolin
Pepsin Tooth Paste
Bleaching Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste
Pancreatin Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste Removing Dental Deposits
Flavors for Tooth Paste
“Oxygen” Tooth Powder
Removing Stains From Teeth
Tooth Tincture
Cleanser for Artificial Teeth
Solid Block Disinfectants
Miscible Pine Oil Disinfectant
Essential Oil Germicides
Disinfectant for Telephone Mouthpiece
Telephone Disinfectant Cleanser
Telephone Booth Air-Deodorizer
Disinfectant for Toilets
Anti-Rusting Surgical Instrument Antiseptic
Toilet Deodorant
Deodorant Sprays
Theatre Sprays
For Small Halls
Tobacco Pipe Cleaner and Deodorant
Breath Lozenges
Incense Cones
Incense Pastilles
Moth Balls
Artificial Gastric Juice
Artificial Intestinal Juice
Medicinal Mineral Oil Emulsion
Adhesive Tape ‘‘Looseners”
Treatment of Bed Sores
Cold Creams
Deodorant Creams
Cleansing Cream
Bentonite Cosmetic Cream
Powder Cream
White Cream
Lime and Glycerin Cream
Emollient Cream
Foundation Cream
Acid Creams
Vanishing Cream
Industrial Hand Protection Creams
Hand Creams
Absorption Base
Hand Lotions
For Chapped Hands
Sun Tan Lotion
Astringent Lotions
Mildly Acidic Lotion
Glycerin Lotion
Linseed Lotion
Beauty Milk
Acid Skin Milk
Bath Milk
Bath Oil
Electric Razor After Shave Lotion
Physically Balanced Rubbing Alcohol Compound
Deodorant Skin Freshener for Men
Hair Lotions
Hair Lacquer
Hair Bleach
Greaseless Hair Groom
Liquid Face Powders
Liquid Rouge
Pad Cosmetics
Cuticle Remover
Cuticle Softener
Nail Enamel
Finger Nail Lacquer
Extract of Curcuma
Anti-Perspiration Soap
Perfumes For Soap
Musk Hair Treatment
Cheap Clover Perfume Base
Shaving Creams
Tooth Paste
Tooth Filling
Tooth Bleach
Mouth Wash
Eye Lotions
Medicinals Acne Lotion
Active Skin Disinfectant
Chromic Acid Dermatitis Cure
Tannic Acid Solution for Burns
Ointment for Burns
Mercuric Nitrate Ointment
Cod Liver Oil Ointments
Mustard Gas (Bleach) Ointment
Poison Ivy Ointment
Zinc Oxide Ointment
Zinc Oxide Jelly
Prophylactic Ointment
Catheter and Syringe Lubricant
Suppository Base
or Rheumatic Cream
Thermal Poultice
“Athlete’s Foot” Treatments
Alimentary Neutralizing Powder
Non-Lumping Sodium Bicarbonate
Violet Tooth Powder
Camphorated and Carbolated Powders
Antiseptic Powder
Tooth Powder for children
Flavorings for Dentifrice
Liquid Dentifrices and Tooth Washes
Tooth Soaps add Pastes
Saponaceous Tooth Pastes
Cherry Tooth Paste
Chinese Tooth Paste
Myrrh Tooth Paste
Mouth Washes
Myrrh Astringent
Sweet Salicyl
Foaming Orange
Australian Mint
Fragrant Dentine
sweet Anise
Diswashing Machines
Carpet and Upholstery
Hand Cleaners
Scouring Powder
Digestive Powders and Tablets
Digestive Tablets
Face Powder
Light’Face Powder with zinc oxide
Formulas for Popular Shades
Medium Face Powder
With Purified Kaolin
Formulas For Popular Shades
Medium Face Powder
With Titanium Dioxide
Formulas For Popular Shades
Heavy Face Powder
With Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide
Formulas For Popular Shades
Manufacturing Methods
White Base For Light Powders
White Base For Medium Powders
White Base For Heavy Powders Powder Bases
Additional Formulas
Variations of Face Powders
Compact Powder Base
Liquid Powder
Cream Powder
Liquid Cosmetic Stocking
Cosmetic Stocking
Light Shade
Color Base Light
Cosmetic Stocking Dark Shade
Color Base Dark
Stick Cosmetic Stocking
Toilet Powders
Talcum Powders
After-shave Powder
Body Powders
Cold Cream
Theatrical Cold Cream
Semi-greaseless Cold Cream
Whitening Cold Cream
Cold Cream
Quick Melting Type
Quick Melting
Mineral Jelly Type
Cold Cream Type
Absorption Base Type
Lemon Cleansing Cream
Additional Formulas
Soft Cold Cream Type
Liquefying Emulsion Cream
Cleansing Cream
Liquefying Cleansing Cream
Liquefying Cream
Cream Cholesterin Type
Citrosnow All Purpose Cream
Lubricating Or Emollient Creams—Night Creams
Lubricating Cream With Cholesterin
Lubricating Cream With Lecithin And Cholesterin
Lubricating Cream With Lecithin And Cetyl Alcohol
Lubricating Cream With Cholesterin And Lecithin
Lubricating Cream (Soft) With Cholesterin Base
Cold Cream Base Lubricating Cream
Variation Cold Cream Base Lubricating Cream
Alkanet Color
Skin Protective And Hand Creams
Vanishing Type
Heavy Protective Cream
Flaxseed Cream
Protective Cream
Superfatted Chap Cream
Hand Cream
Liquid Creams
Cream Oil Base
Finished Cream
Additional Formulas
Simpler Type Of Almond Cream
Oilier Preparation For Cleansing Or Lubricating Purposes
Lanolin Lotion
Liquid Cream
Hand Lotion Pearly
Pineapple Juice Hand Lotion
Flaxseed Hand Lotion
Tragacanth Hand Lotion
Menthol Lotion
Tragacanth And Quince Seed Lotion
Flax Cream Or Lotion
Witch Hazel Lotion
Glycerin Milk
Tragacanth Lotion
Witch Hazel And Benzoin Lotion
Quince Seed Lotion
Lemon Lotion
Hand Lotion (Balm Type)
Skin Toning Lotions—Skin Fresheners
Astringent Lotions
Alkaline Lotion
Glycerin Lotion
Mild Astringent Lotion
Medium Astringent Lotion
Strong Astringent Lotion
Antiseptic Astringent Lotion
Facial Astringent
Bleaching And Freckle Lotions
Bleaching Lotion
Freckle Lotion
Bleach Lotion
Lemon Juice Bleach Lotion
Whitening Lotion—Blanchette
Medicated Lotions
Additional Formulas
Resorcinol Lotion
Euresol Lotion
Triethanolamine Lotion
Alkaline Triethanolamine Lotion
Sulfur-lime Lotion
Sulfur-ether Lotion
Sulfur-zinc Lotion
Calamine-zinc Lotion
Calamine-oxyquinoline Lotion
P-M-L Lotion
Camphor-menthol Lotion
Camphor-phenol Lotion
Kummerfeld’s Lotion
After Shaving Lotions
General Purpose Lotion
General Purpose Lotion

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